10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Your Period

10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Your Period

Periods are horrible. They are essentially biological ninjas that can surprise you at any minute, and they can make the next couple of days a living hell. They ruin our favourite knickers, and make us go crazy for days on end, as we feel like our ovaries are being torn apart. Not only that but we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money of tampons and pads. It’s ridiculous!

Most people go through terrible cramps, emotions and hormones that are all over the place, and the constant fear of bleeding through. So here are 10 period gif and memes that perfectly describe what we go through every month.

We Get Emotional Very Quickly.

Most guys won’t understand how easily we can go from happy and normal, to crying like we’ve witness Dobby die right in front of us. It’s terrible. I once cried because I had eaten all of the chocolate, and then cried some more when my boyfriend bought me some more. It’s like we live in two constant states of being when we’re on our period. Angry or crying, and if we’re not one of them, then we’re usually just emotionally confused.

The Terrifying Moment When You’re Period Comes Out Of Nowhere…

As much as this is not a scientifically accurate representation of what happens when you start your period, many of us know this is exactly how it feels like. While some people are frequent and can spot the signs when they’re due, so they can prepare, many don’t know. You could be in the middle of work, or even clothes shopping when you just feel it… It’s terrifying. But no where near as terrifying as trying to search for a pad or a tampon in your purse.

The Pain.

Periods hurt like hell, and almost everyone has a bad time dealing with the cramps. But it’s not only menstrual cramps that we have to endure, we also have to put up with some seriously sore and sensitive boobs. It’s seriously not as fun as it sounds.

Playing Musical Chairs.

It’s super hard to get comfy. Try finding a position that you will remain comfy in after  five minutes. It’s almost impossible.

Least You’re Not Pregnant. 

Periods always have an upside. You’re not pregnant! Time to get drunk and celebrate!

Life Gets Bloody Very Quickly.

Periods are scary as it is, but try sneezing or farting when you’re on. It’s terrifying. You essentially explode on both sides, and it can get messy.

When You’re Not Prepared.

It’s not nice when you start your period without any tampons or pads nearby. It’s a rather gross feeling and can be really degrading.

You Have No Idea What You’re Doing Anymore.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that being on your period is an experience, admittedly not a great one. You’re torn between trying to act normal, but being trapped in a haze of pain and emotion. You feel like you have no control.

When You Think It’s All Over.

You’ve not bled for a while. You must have stopped your period right? Wrong! Unfortunately periods can disappear for a little while, fooling you into thinking it’s over. It’s like it’s waiting for you to put on your nice knickers before making a dramatic reappearance.

Finally Over…

Everyone knows the feeling of joy when their period stops. It’s time to take off those sweat pants and say hello to your white skinny jeans again!