10+ Of The Creepiest Things That Kids Have Ever Said

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1.) Reborn

This one gave me goosebumps it’s so creepy! The parents could look at it positively and think that maybe their son really has come back. Such a creepy thought though…

2.) A past life

This is either a VERY elaborate way to avoid bath-time or an incredibly creepy story about a past life. Either way, I am thoroughly disturbed.

3.) Another reason why dogs are the best

Dogs are definitely the best. They will protect your children either AFTER they have passed away.

4.) Extremely dark…

How would a kid even know that people were guillotined in France in the past?! And why would they even think this?! Super weird and I think I’m starting to believe in past lives…

5.) Great Great Grandmother…

Now, this one is super creepy, the fact that she even recognized her as an adult makes it even more believable. Ghosts exist guys and I’m not sleeping tonight.

6.) Died in the Colosseum

There is just TOO MUCH going on here that backs up her story. Birthmarks are definitely signs of our past life deaths and you’ll NEVER change my mind.

7.) Friends with the family

Umm, this family is CLEARLY haunted by a 6-year-old ghost called Sarah. I wonder why she is so attached to the family? Super creepy…

8.) Still looking after his grandchild

This may be creepy but in a way, it’s also heart-warming. It shows that grandpa is still around and looking out for his granddaughter.

9.) An unwanted guest

I would be selling my house and moving if this was me, it sounds HORRIFYING. If my child ever sees ghosts, I think that I’m done.

10.) From another time

This one is just incredibly weird. I have no explanation for why a 2-year-old would say those words and like music from that era. It’s bizarre and it really does get you thinking…

11.) Lessons from a 3-year-old

Why would a kid think that women shouldn’t drink? Unless he's from another time…spooky.

12.) Impressive memory or…

This is super strange. How would a kid remember names of people her family have probably never told her about?! I’m terrible at names so this definitely isn’t normal.

13.) The happy place

I wonder how his current family feel, being compared to another family, apparently from a happier time? Incredibly weird and a little sad.

14.) Aliens are among us

Umm, I think that your son might be an extraterrestrial. That’s probably the weirdest thing a kid has ever said.

I don’t know about you but kids really scare me sometimes, especially when they say stuff like the above. You can either just think that it’s their imagination or you can take comfort in there being an afterlife. All I know is that I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight!

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