10 Of The Most ICONIC TV Stars: Then & Now

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We have compiled a list of some of TV's most loved faces from back in the day, see if you can spot your favorite!

1. June Lockhart

Lassie and Lost in Space

2. Maureen McCormick

The Brady Bunch, she then went on to appear in other small TV roles, on shows such as Scrubs and also, reality shows like Dancing with the Stars

3. Ken Osmond

Leave it to Beaver

4. Susan Dey

The Partridge Family. Rumour has it, that Susan had the hots for David Cassidy (who didn't!?) while they were working together and apparently, they actually started dating after the series ended. She has also appeared on the TV series L.A. Law

5. Jimmie Walker

Good Times

He has recently published a memoir of the same name. He is now 70 years old and is still an actor and comedian, although he is now more widely known for his conservative political views.

6. Johnny Whitaker

Family Affair. He was still just a baby at five years old when the series started. He sadly went the way of most child stars and later got involved in a battle with drugs and alcohol, but thankfully, is now clean and sober, and is even a qualified addicti

7. Diahann Carroll


8. Gary Burghoff


9. Erin Murphy


10. Cindy Williams

Laverne and Shirley, 

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