10+ Of The Strangest Things Spotted In Grocery Stores

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1.) Living young

This couple doesn’t care how old they are, they can still push each other around on the trolley! Even though it’s sweet, I don’t understand why neither of them looks like they are having much fun. It’s the most serious trolley ride I’ve ever witnessed.

2.) Done with life

This guy is completely bored and done with life. Either that or he has fallen asleep or worse…someone should check if he’s okay. I must admit, stationary produces a similar reaction within me too.

3.) Goat mom

Okay, this is the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life. Firstly, that’s a GOAT. Secondly, the goat is in a baby carrier. Thirdly, the goat is licking her. Fourthly, that’s a GOAT. What is wrong with this woman?! Who takes their pet goat to the grocery store?! Help her.

4.) Public humiliation

That’s a way to teach your kids to simultaneously both hate you and short shorts. I’ve concluded this dad definitely is weird, not only did he ruin a pair of jeans but he also ruining his jacket by writing on it in Sharpie. Who does that?!

5.) Opposites attract

Who knew that security and insecurity could be best buds?! This warms my heart and I really hope that this wasn’t even intentional.

6.) When you can’t be bothered to walk

These kids are all way too old to be sitting in a trolley being pushed around. Is this woman not buying anything at the grocery store or is she buying those kids? Are they even hers? Someone should probably step in here…

7.) That’s A LOT of hair

Honestly, I have no idea how this woman actually carries this amount of hair around on her head. How does it not give her neck pain and a constant headache? She is a strong woman.

8.) Angry kid

How did this kid even get under this trolley like that?! He really is fed up, his forehead is literally on the floor. What worries me is that his gran doesn’t even seem to know that he is under there and is going to carry on pushing that trolley around…

9.) Underwear predicament

What’s with people going grocery shopping in their underwear. They look so casual about it, it’s not like they are even embarrassed. I’m incredibly concerned and scared. The hygiene side of things SURELY must be an issue, all of their parts practically hanging out around food. I can’t handle this!

10.) Cheese onion cat

Can someone please tell me why there is a random sleeping cat in a grocery store? Can I buy her? Because I definitely would! Even the ANIMALS are weird in grocery stores.

11.) Practical footwear

“I need to go to the grocery store. I KNOW, I’ll wear the highest, ugliest heels I own!” What was this woman’s logic? She looks like an absolute UNIT and is basically using her trolley to prop her up. Bad clothing decision.

12.) MY EYES

If there is a God, please save me now. What is this man doing?! What are his goals in life? What makes him happy other than short shorts, vests and animal fur? I am horrified, disturbed and upset. I definitely need a lie down after this one. Watch out for him next time you go grocery shopping…

13.) Free ride

I’m not sure if this man knows that a child seems to be attached to his electric wheelchair. Or maybe he tied the child to that. Either way, at least the child gets a free ride!

14.) Idiot alert

Wow. Just make a huge mess and don’t even tell a member of staff, rude! At least they apologized, I guess. But the time it took to write sorry they could have just gone and got a member of staff…

I hope that you haven’t been put off supermarkets for life, they really do seem to attract the strangest people you’ll ever meet. They may be unpredictable and scary but at least a trip to the supermarket might add some thrill to your day!

Or, at least you’ll be guaranteed your daily dose of weirdness.

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