Keanu Reeves Always Has 'Hover Hands' When Posing With Female Fans, Proves His Respect For Women


1.) John Photogenic

Ah Keanu Reeves, you really have done it again! Keanu is King of being just generally freakin' too lovely for this evil world. It is now a fairly accepted fact worldwide that Keanu Reeves is the nicest guy in Hollywood, but now he has been dubbed the most respectful man also! Fans have noticed a particular pose Keanu adopts in all fan photos...

A post on Facebook took over the internet as it showed several photos with fans and co-stars alike where Reeves poses for a photo without actually touching the women he's posing with out of respect for their personal space. It is a phenomenon known as 'hover hands'!

(Source: Facebook)

Keanu's A list status makes him a prime target for people wanting a selfie with John Wick, however, his hover hand technique has garnered him immesne praise online with people dubbing him one of the most respectful men in Hollywood.

2.) Devil's Advocate 

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Some people on the internet have been quick to question the star's motives though, and have suggested that the reason he does this isn't necessarily out of respect but due to concern that he may be sued or accused of inappropriate behavior...

One Twitter user said;

(Source: Twitter)

However, the rest of the internet has stuck by him as he is, according to an article in The New Yorker (which makes it official), 'Too Good for This World'!

3.) No One Is Safe From His Respectful Attitude Towards Personal Boundaries!

(Source: Instagram)

Yes, no one is safe from Keanu Reeves' sunny disposition and loving nature. Although despite his almost God-like status in public opinion, he recently in an interview confessed to being lonely (which you can read about here if your heart can take it). 

Despite the tide of the internet attempting to ship him and Charlize Theron together, there has been no success, so if you're after the most respectful man in Hollywood who also secretly funds children's hospitals (and why wouldn't you) then you may still be in luck!

4.) Even Other A-Listers Get The Hover Hands...

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Yep, no matter who you are, Keanu Reeves' will treat all people equally... truly, it is not science, religion, or war that is the great leveler of humanity, but the respectful distance which Keanu Reeves keeps his hands at during photos. 

Although it's also not just Keanu who has adopted this technique when taking photos, Will Smith also favors the hover hands approach...

As seen here!

(Source: Twitter)

In fact, when on Graham Norton's chat show, Smith explained that he did it to avoid making people feel uncomfortable!

5.) And He Definitely Won't Burn You With A Cigarette

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When this photo was released alongside the other hover hands photos, people were quick to point out that here he is clearly keeping a lit cigarette away from this fan who wanted a photo. 

But heck, not burning someone with a cigarette still qualifies as being respectful if you ask me!

6.) He's Available For Mothers Day 

(Source: Instagram)

Another photo to emerge of Keanu's hover hands was of him with a fan apparently on Mother's Day, according to the caption, 'i got my mom Keanu Reeves for mother’s day i think i win right? he was SO sweet btw the stories are so true'. 

What a guy!

Wherever you go on the internet you will find people confirming how nice a person Reeves is in real life, and yet I am still to freakin' meet him!

7.) Manner Hands

(Source: BuisnessInsider)

Apparently, the phenomenon known as 'manner hands' is a tradition in some Asian countries where it is simply a sign of respect. Also, why shouldn't this be a sign of respect for the women he's posing with, not every man is simply trying to avoid sexual assault accusations, some of them are just genuinely respectful to women in general! 

The viral photos even prompted this reaction from one fan, claiming that Reeves doesn't even need to touch you to be able to fill you with warmth...

(Source: Twitter)

8.) He Even Adopts The Hover Hands With His 'Wife'

(Source: DailyMail)

Yes, you read that right! Keanu and Winona have been friends for over 30 years, and when filming a wedding scene in Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula, Coppola reportedly used a real Romanian priest. 

The pair often joke about the fact that they may be actually married to this day! Winona Ryder has frequently said that she will refuse to let the world forget the fact, and Reeves even confessed in an interview that he occasionally receives texts from her in which she calls him 'husband'. 

9.) And Let's Not Forget The Time He Gave Up His Seat On The Subway To A Woman With A Heavy Bag!

(Source: YouTube)

The fact that Keanu Reeves rides the subway will never not be amazing, and still, I am yet to bump into him when riding public transport round day after day with the aim of 'happening upon him' by accident! 

In a video that went viral some years ago (and if you haven't seen it, where have you been living?) Reeves offers his seat on a busy subway carriage to a woman who gets on with a large heavy-looking bag while Reeves is filmed unbeknownst to him.

10.) OR, The Time He Drove A Woman 50 Miles Back Home When She Broke Down... Just Because He's That Nice!

(Source: Reddit)

If I had been given that number I can tell you that I'd have found a reason to need further help before he'd even left my freakin' driveway!

I mean, is there just no end to the beauty in this man's soul? It is no wonder that so much of the internet has adopted him as their spiritual role model! 

And, in a world with so many shallow people dominating the spotlight of social media, it's refreshing to know that there are people as wholesome as Keanu Reeves balancing out the world's karma! 

(Source: Facebook)

I can't get over how this man can be so pure?! I firmly believe that he adopts the hover hands out of a sign of respect for the women in the pictures! But what do you make of Keanu's hover hands technique? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to tag someone who you think needs an extra dose of Keanu wholesomeness in their lives today! AAx