10+ Times Photoshop Genius Took Editing Requests VERY Seriously

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1.) Face too big

What concerns me is that this woman actually has that much of an issue with the size of her boyfriend’s face. Thankfully, James was here to put her right and he LITERALLY made her boyfriends face quite a bit smaller…

2.) Three little munchkins

Aww, these guys look super cute together now that they are all the same size. The girl on the right is the best, her proportions are a little out though…

3.) You asked for it…

If I’m completely honest, I definitely prefer the second one. Who wouldn’t love to wear a massive t-shirt with their bro? At least they are matching now…

4.) That’ll do it

Student loans definitely are more expensive than that car so he did do what you asked…not sure that’s exactly what this guy had in mind though.

5.) Refusing to remove imperfections

James also uses his editing skills to do absolutely nothing at all. This poor kid was being bullied over something so unnoticeable to the rest of us that James refused to remove it, encouraging us all to embrace our imperfections!

6.) Don’t selfie when you’re hungry

I can completely relate to this. It's actually impossible for me to smile when I’m hungry, it’s quite worrying.

7.) Can I have one of those wings, please?

Come on, photoshopped wings on your back…really? I’m glad James responded with a bucket of chicken wings instead, I know which one I would prefer.

8.) Remember your seatbelt, kids

Before you ask to photoshop a seatbelt out again, think about this picture and the consequences of not wearing a seatbelt. Even if the car is stationary and you are parked, always wear your seatbelt or James will get you…

9.) Romantic engagement picture

To be fair, she didn’t specify whether to make the guys look more in place or the couple! At least the two guys look more at home now…my problem is, who the heck took this engagement photo?!

10.) Just…why?

Why on Earth would you want to make yourself look older?! I LOVE what James has done here, to be honest, I want to be older if this is the kind of party I’ll be invited to, it looks awesome.

11.) Where did she go?

This one is AMAZING. I love how he has edited the guys head so that he is ACTUALLY looking down, it’s hilarious and I love it.

12.) That’s handy

James has a special talent of turning anything out of place in a picture into something that has a use! I’m not sure that this is the selfie this girl was looking for though…

13.) This guy has been hitting the gym

You might want to turn to the gym instead of photoshop to make your arms look bigger buddy, especially if James is involved!

14.) The ladies are queuing up

Now, THIS is the kind of picture that will definitely capture female attention. It might be more concern than anything else but it’s definitely different and I love it.

James never fails to make us laugh with his photoshop creations. I love how he doesn’t promote changing photos for aesthetic purposes and rather for comedic value. Keep using photoshop for good James, we love you.

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