Source Close To Lori Loughlin Claims Couple Had No Idea They Were Breaking Laws And Now Feel Like Victims


The anonymous source claims that the couple were oblivious of any wrongdoing.

You'll almost definitely be aware of the Lori Loughlin bribery case by now - it's something that we've covered quite a lot over the last couple of weeks.

The Full House actress and her husband are accused of financial irregularities to the tune of $500,000, which was allegedly paid in order to secure their two daughters admission to a prestigious college.

On Monday, the news broke that Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli have finally responded to the charges, pleading not guilty to the fraud and money laundering charges against them in the college admissions scandal.

This means that their case will go to trial, and the couple will fight to clear their names. If they are to be convicted, the couple could be facing a maximum of 40 years in prison, due to the serious nature of the money laundering charges against them.

The pair are accused of a $500,000 bribe, which is much larger than that of fellow actress Felicity Huffman, who has already entered a guilty plea, and will be sentenced in the coming weeks.

The story has been rumbling on for weeks now, and like any good drama, it seems like there's a twist in the tale.

According to a source who apparently talked to Entertainment Tonight, Lori did not realize she was about to engage in any sort of money laundering when the payment was made.

The anonymous source explains: "They in no way felt they were money laundering. They thought the money would be used for a donation and to benefit the school. Even so, this has been one of the toughest decisions of Lori‘s life."

In addition to reportedly not realizing what was happening, the source told ET that Lori and Mossimo supposedly feel like victims.

"They were under the impression they might be breaking rules, but not laws" the source said.

"They feel they were manipulated by those involved and are planning that as part of their defense ... They realize how serious the charges are, but feel that once the judge hears their story he will see they had no bad intentions."

This version of events is entirely plausible, of course, but it's worth pointing out that the prosecution supposedly has damning recordings of Lori and her husband speaking on the phone, so it seems like things could go either way at this point.

The source that spoke to ET also went into a little detail on the legal team that the pair have hired to fight the charges. Presumably, when they entered their 'not guilty' plea, the pair were acting on the advice of their legal team.

Lori and Mossimo have no doubt hired the best legal professionals possible, and according to ET, "In the end, she (Lori) trusts those who are advising her and somehow believes there is a chance she will go free."

One thing's for sure - I certainly wouldn't like to be in their shoes right now! Do you think Lori is the victim in all this? Let me know in the comments! AAx