12 Amazing Vintage Perfumes That Will Take You Right Back In Time!

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So, take a look a look at these 12 perfumes and see if they don't transport you back to happier times!

1. Evening In Paris

The particular perfume was around from the 1920's to the 1960's. With its romantic name and fruity aroma, it gave people the dreamy thoughts of Paris with its beautiful scent. It was also sold sometimes in French and called Soir de Paris. It has notes of bergamot, apricot, peach, rose, lily of the valley, amber, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla.

2. Chanel No.5

This one really needs no introduction, apart from maybe mentioning that Marilyn Monroe wore it to bed! It's famous around the world and its iconic aroma is still popular today. It has notes of rose, vanilla, citrus, and jasmine. Beautiful!

3. White Shoulders

Despite its unfortunate name (sounds like a random skin disease your grandma would have!) This perfume was very popular back in the 1940's.  It is mostly a floral scent with notes of lilac, gardenia, and jasmine.

4. Chantilly

Again, maybe unfortunately titled (sounds like a cheap Champagne that would get you hammered after one glass!) But this perfume was made easily affordable to everyone during the 1940's and was very popular, with it's romantic and mysterious scent, and notes of rose damask, jasmine, and patchouli.

5. Shalimar

Who names these things? Again, sounds like a third-rate rap group from the 1990's, but is in actual fact, a very popular perfume! It was actually named after the Gardens of Shalimar, which were built by the Indian emperor Shan Jahan as a gift for his wife (and I can't even get a text back!)

It contains notes of bergamot, jasmine, tonka bean, and rose.

6. Youth Dew

Again, the name? What the heck? I was really hoping this one was just the bottled sweat of teenagers...but...despite the name, thankfully not. It's actually a very beautiful perfume from Estée Lauder, which was popular in the 1950s. They now offer two different designs of the bottle, one is more modern and the other is based on the original bottle from the 50's (if you prefer the more retro feel...and to be honest, who doesn't?) Brilliant idea! It contains notes of patchouli, rose, and lavender.

7. Charlie

Again, I'm really hoping that this was named after a guy down the pub that the designer knew, or something. I think I'm just wishful thinking with these brand names! Seriously, who comes up with them!?

Either way, I think no one could mistake the Charlie perfume range, established by Revlon in 1973, it's still very popular among women today and contains notes of gardenia, hyacinth, violet, and musk.

8. Arpège

Created by Janine Lanvin and dating back all the way to 1927, it's probably one of the more lesser known perfumes on our list. Lanvin created it for her daughter's 30th birthday, how sweet!? And it contains notes of ylang-ylang, vanilla, neroli, and sandalwood.

9. Tabu

Definitely not to be confused with the alcoholic drink of the same name... (although they would probably taste the same, to be fair!) This sweet and unique perfume was popular back in 1930's and has notes of oakmoss, amber and lemon oil. Lovely!

10. Opium

Thanks to the wonderful, eccentric naming of perfumes once again, this one actually caused controversy back in 1977 when it was released. However, despite the drug use undertones, this fragrance by Yves Saint Lauren, is still very popular today. There is now also another version released, called Black Opium. The first Opium fragrance has notes of myrrh, amber, and mandarin.

11. Dior Miss Dior

Bond...James Bond (there I go being distracted by the name again...I'll stop now!)

This spicy and floral scent was popular back in 1947, right after World War II! It is a blend of spicy and floral notes like tuberose, pepper, and coriander.

12. Guerlain Jicky

What's a Jicky? This is, presumably...

This fragrance wins the prize for its age (and most probably, the prize for the most eccentric name too!) as it dates back all the way to 1889! Created by Guerlain, it has notes of lavender, leather, and citrus.

How many do you remember?

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