12 Fantastic Facts About The Magic Roundabout

Many of us grew up watching The Magic Roundabout. Originally broadcast in France, it quickly found its way to Britain. 441 episodes were broadcast on the BBC between 1965 and 1977. A further 52 episodes were broadcast on Channel 4 in 1991, introducing a whole new generation to our beloved characters. Let’s get back on the Magic Roundabout for one last time!

1. Ivor Wood

1. Ivor Wood

Yes, the man who gave us 80’s classics such as Postman Pat and Charlie Chalk was behind The Magic Roundabout together with his French wife Josiane, they helped Serge Ganot create the show.

2. Eric Thompson

2. Eric Thompson 2

The British version used a narrator and the first person to get the job was Eric Thompson (father of actresses Emma and Sophie, pictured with him above).

3. Time Slot

3. BBC

On the BBC The Magic Roundabout was broadcast just before the evening news. When this slot was brought forwards to an earlier time when more children would be watching, the BBC received complaints from adult fans!

4. Dougal

4. Dougal

Remember Dougal, the Skye Terrier? He was originally known as Pollux in the French version.

5. Dylan

5. Dylan

Laid back Dylan was named after musician Bob Dylan.

6. Zebedee

6. Zebedee

Zebedee was created using an large pea that was painted red after it was found in the animation studio

7. Nigel Planer

7. Nigel Planer

When Channel 4 started broadcasting the show, Nigel Planer who played Neil in the BBC comedy, The Young Ones took on the role of narrator.

8. Drug References

8. Drugs

Many people have questioned whether drugs references and sexual innuendos were included in the show. Dougal did certainly love his sugar!

9. Dougal And The Blue Cat

9. Dougal and the blue cat

Dougal and the Blue Cat was a 1970 film based on The Magic Roundabout. It was released in France in 1970 and then in Britain in 1972.

10. The Magic Roundabout

10. movie

The Magic Roundabout was given a reboot in 2005. A host of celebrities including Joanna Lumley, Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue provided the voice overs but sadly, the movie was a bit of a flop.

11. Jasper Carrott

11. Jasper

A bit random but comedian Jasper Carrott recorded an audio comedy clip based on The Magic Roundabout in 1973.

12. Time For Bed

12. Time for bed

The only place we could possibly finish our look back at this show was with Zebedee!