12 Of Our Favourite Characters From Button Moon

We’re off to Button Moon! We’ll follow Mr Spoon. Button Moon! Button Moon! Wow, that really does bring back memories! Were you one of the many 80’s kids who grew up watching Mr Spoon and the gang. Let’s take a trip back to Button Moon and get reacquainted with the gang!

1. Mr Spoon

1. Mr Spoon

Who remembers the very first episode where Mr Spoon was made? He has a bottle for a body, spoons for arms, a bowl and a plate for a head and his little white boots. He lived on Junk Planet and was a regular visitor to Button Moon.

2. Queenie Jelly

2. Queenie Jelly

Royally posh Queenie Jelly once put on her crown of cream and lost her cherry!

3. Eggbert

3. eggbert

Eggbert lived in a flat with his dad who was an ice cream man.

4. Mrs Spoon

4. Mrs Spoon

Cheerful Mrs Spoon was always cleaning the house. Here she is with the rest of the Spoon family and Eggbert.

5. Small Bottle and Captain Large

5. small bottle and capt large

Do you remember Small Bottle and Captain Large who lived in the Drainpipe Castle?

6. The Hot Spots

6. hot spots

The Hot Spots were the resident band on Button Moon. They were made up of Steaming Steve, Bubbling Brian, Boiling George and of course the lead singer, Hot Rod!

7. Tina T Spoon

7. tina tea

The youngest member of the Spoon family was Tina T Spoon. Her best friend was Eggbert and they used to go on adventures on Button Moon.

8. Rag Doll

8. Rag Doll

Rag Doll once married a dinosaur! Her cushions look like party ring biscuits!

9. Freddy Teddy

9. Freddy Teddy

One of Freddy’s many jobs was driving the Button Moon train!

10. Mr Cherry and The Band

11. Mr Cherry and his band

There was room for more than one band on Button Moon!

11. Vacuum Cleaner

13. Hoover

The Vacuum Cleaner helped keep Button Moon tidy. He used to make such a funny noise!

12. The Rocket

12. Moon and rocket

As we approach the end of our trip we get back in our rocket and take a look at the Iconic Button Moon! 5,4,3,2,1 Blast Off! Button Moon – be back soon – Button Moooooon!