12 Media Headline Fails to Make You Wonder If You Would Be a Better Journalist

12 Media Headline Fails to Make You Wonder If You Would Be a Better Journalist

In this age of so-called ‘fake news’, we all enjoy a good laugh at the media’s top gaffs. From bizarre spelling slip ups to stating the obvious like no one else can, our news outlets are surprisingly inventive when it comes to what they consider first rate news.

We’ve scoured the internet for some top-class fails from newspaper headlines. It’s reassuring to know that even leading news broadcasters make mistakes from time and time. It just goes to show that even the best journalists need something more than spell check to help them out…

1. Fire on the Sun

Image: Fox News via Imgur

Yep, you read that right. Breaking news! Fire on the sun. Someone ought to tell Fox News that the sun is a star and, by definition, is a ball of gas undergoing constant nuclear fusion reactions. For us normal people that translates as it’s darn hot!

Of course, this is the story that NASA succeeded in capturing high resolution images of the sun’s surface. The images show violent explosions where magnetic particles are expelled from the sun’s magnetic field. It all sounds a bit Star Trek for me, but the photos sure look cool!

2. There’s something in the water…

This headline is full of toilet humor! Following the closure of two Omaha pools due to ‘unsanitary’ swimming conditions, a senior health official is advising swimmers with diarrhoea from making a splash. It’s all a bit disgusting really. How could anyone confuse public baths with public toilets? I don’t know, and I’m not too keen to find out…

3. Enter Mr Innuendo

Image: Imgur

Sports and innuendos go together like teenage boys and… well, sex jokes. Someone really ought to have read this aloud though before allowing it past the press. Although, perhaps the intention is to encourage more immaturity in a predominantly male readership!

4. Ouch!

Colonoscopy is probably the least favourite things you could hear your doctor say. Someone really ought to think about the implications of the word ‘now’ in there. It makes you wonder how they set the camera speed before. Although at least they aren’t charging on up with them now!

5. To Death, To Death?

Image: Imgur

Man killed. (To death.)  Thanks for the clarification WBTV! This one sounds like a bit of a filler. They couldn’t typeset ‘Man Dies’ to fill the screen titles and needed to add a few gory details. ‘Hmm, we’ve got to meet those watershed rules though… how can we spin this one?’

6. The Award for the Obvious

Image: Pintrest

Yep, you heard it here first! Researchers have confirmed the obvious link between overeating and the rise of obesity. Not sure that they will be winning any prizes for that one somehow. Now we know that not overeating will help to prevent things like obesity and related diseases, but the researchers don’t seem keen to tell us how. But maybe it will make the newspaper’s readership think twice before gorging on news!

7. ‘Fake News’

Image: boreme

Well, a woman confirmed dead, was alive several hours before, who would have guessed it? It’s all a hoax! Some conspiracy heads will do anything to jump on a soap box, but I feel they are over-reaching with this one. I wonder how many people call their rip-off of a tip line though…

8. Secret Bunker This Way

Well, they’re not wrong. Luckily, the ‘secret’ bunker is signposted as a major tourist attraction, so at least we know where to run to in the event of someone pressing the button. Actually, given the state of US politics, this headline could prove quite useful…

9. *Insert vaguely funny phrase here*

Image: reddit

Someone really just couldn’t be bothered with this one. Personally, I would have gone for ‘Surf’s Up’. Maybe they have an opening for a new editor-in-chief?

10. Make America Intelligent Again

America’s love affair with gun law debates has made the headlines a lot recently. But this one is just a bit too obvious to have much to contribute to the debate. Just what exactly did they expect to find? A liberal stronghold? An inflatable Donald Trump baby blimp? Now the latter, that would be something worth selling…

11. That’s Weather for You

Image: Imgur

Turns out that rain creates wet roads. And that is all the news for today. At least the nation now knows one of the most fundamental principles of physics: precipitation makes surfaces wet and slippy. Every day’s a school day!

12. I Want Change

The World Bank have finally recognized the importance of collaborative wealth. Maybe they should have rolled with a Robin Hood call to rob the rich and give to the poor!