12 Of The Best 'Hacks' That Will Change Your Life

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Everyone's had the dilemma of wanting to microwave two bowls of food at once, but haven't quite managed to fit two bowls in the microwave at the same time. This neat little hack, of putting a bowl on a cup, means that you and your significant other can both eat your re-heated Spaghetti Bolognese at the same time.

2. Sick Of Having To Transport Loads Of Bulky Clothes?

Everyone knows the struggle of trying to transport clothes on coat-hangers. They're so bulky and cumbersome to heave around. This clever little trick means it's a lot easier. Bundle them all up in a bin bag, and it keeps them all together.

3. Don't Have A Sprinkler And Need One In A Hurry?

In the middle of a drought but don't have a sprinkler? Cut some holes in an empty bottle and insert a hosepipe. Voila, you have a homemade sprinkler in minutes, and your lawn will continue to look beautiful and green.

4. Everyone Has That Messy Box Full Of Cables And Chargers...

I know that I have one! It's the dreaded box that is full of cables that you're not quite sure fit into what device, but you can't bring yourself to throw them away because you might just need it one day. To stop them all getting tangled together like a group of knotted snakes, use old toilet-roll tubes in a box to store them all in. Clever right?

5. And Another Way Of Organising Chargers...

Your desk can become pretty messy with wires too! There are so many things to charge...your phone...your laptop. To keep things neat and tidy, use clips attached to the desk to keep your cables organised!

6. On A Plane And Want To Watch Something On Your Phone?

We've all had the dilemma of the best way to position our phones on a plane or other methods of transport when there is no table available. The way to get around this? Put your phone in a clear food bag and hang it on the back of the seat.

7. Sick Of All That Pain On The Side Of The Tin?

Everyone knows the struggles of scraping off excess paint on the side of a paint tin and then the paint dribbling down the side of the tin and making a right old mess! Well, an easy way to stop this is to wrap an elastic band around the tub and use this to scrape off the excess paint so that it goes straight back into the tin!

8. Can't Quite Reach The Wick Of The Candle Without Burning Your Fingers Off?

This is a problem that I know I've definitely struggled with in the past! You have a lovely candle but the wick has burned very low. There's still life in the old boy, so you try to light it. It's a struggle though, you're tipping the candle to try and get the lighter in and end up burning your fingers. Well stop doing this immediately! All you need to do is light the end of a piece of spaghetti and there you go! No more burnt fingers.

9. Sick Of Loose Peas and Frozen Fruit Littering Your Freezer?

Ever cleaned the freezer out and it's just full off peas and other items that have escaped the confines of their bags due to shoddy storage? You try to angle the hole of the bag upwards to stop this spill, but it never works. Well look at this! Use clips and hang the bags from one of the shelves.

10. Fancy Saving Space In Your Wardrobe?

Every girl knows the struggles of storing vests and tank tops. So much space it taken up, and loads of coat-hangers. Well why not save space and put them all on one coat hanger. Genius!

11. Need To Put A Plaster On A Tricky Part Of Your Finger?

Got a cut on the end of your thumb? It's always awkward to wrap a plaster around it. The end of your thumb is not designed for the average plaster. As a solution, cut your plaster so that you can wrap it around your thumb really easily.

12. Need To Reduce The Thawing Time Of Your Mince?

If you've got some mince and you need to freeze it, put it in a zip-up bag and flatten it out. This will not only make storage easier, but it will reduce the thawing time which means you can have that spaghetti or lasagne even quicker! Amazing.

We hope that you have enjoyed these life hacks, and that they will start changing your life very soon!


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