12-Year-Old Boy Makes Adorably Smart Bow Ties For Rescue Dogs To Help Them Get Adopted

12-Year-Old Boy Makes Adorably Smart Bow Ties For Rescue Dogs To Help Them Get Adopted

12-Year-Old Boy Makes Adorably Smart Bow Ties For Rescue Dogs To Help Them Get Adopted

    One 12-year-old boy from New Jersey has been making headlines for making adorable, and stylish, bow ties for rescue animals in order to help them get adopted.

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    Darius Brown has received universal praise for his wonderful endeavors to try and offer his help to rescue animals across America.

    There really is nothing quite like seeing animals suffering that helps to inspire people to band together and help our poor little furry friends!

    Even though he’s only 12, Darius has given up endless time, sweat, and dedication, and has proven that no matter what age you are at, you can make a massive positive difference to your community.

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    Darius’ inspiring story starts when he was only 2; he was diagnosed with speech, comprehension, and fine motor skills delay, but this never stopped him from pushing himself to achieve his life goals. At the age of 8, Darius first became interested in making bow ties and would help his sister to cut fabric in order to help him improve his fine motor skills according to his gofundmepage.

    At the age of 11, Darius founded ‘Beaux and Paws’, and as of yet the young CEO has donated bow ties to animal shelters and adoption centers across the United States and the United Kingdom.

    He also makes bow ties for cats as well, so our feline friends can look just as dashing…

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    You can order a specially made bow tie for around $15 from Darius for your own special furry friend, so your pets can look just as stunning as the rescue dogs that Darius helps.

    In an interview with The New York Post, Darius explained why he does what he does:

    ‘These dogs need to be adopted, and I wanna help them get noticed […] I just wanted to help them and make them feel safe and find them forever homes.’

    Darius explained that he was also inspired to start his business when he became emotional following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Irma and wanted to help. Darius began donating bow ties to the displaced dogs who were being rescued.

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    Darius’ work has garnered some praise from very high up individuals.

    Jody Salbo, director of business management and operations at the RSPCA Adoption Center, praised Darius’ endeavours saying:

    ‘When animals wear special accessories like bow ties, bandannas or scarves, it often helps catch the eyes of potential adopters […] The ASPCA Adoption Center team has enjoyed using [Darius’] bow ties to promote the dogs in our shelter.’

    However, arguably the most impressive response that Darius received was a letter of commendation from former president Barack Obama!

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    The former president wrote:

    ‘From founding Beaux and Paws to lifting up the lives of those around you, it’s clear you are doing your part to look out for your fellow citizens. And I trust you take tremendous pride in all you have accomplished. As long as you stay engaged in the world around you, continue looking for ways to help others and never give up on yourself, I’m confident our future will be bright.’

    It’s amazing to see such a young man getting the recognition he deserves for his fantastic work from a former president himself! I can’t imagine how proud Darius’ family must have been of his wonderful achievements.

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    You can also donate to Darius’ ‘PAW-some’ mission, which is to ‘visit 5+ states to volunteer at different shelters and adoption centers assisting with the care of their shelter dogs, helping with adoption events as well as getting them cute and dapper in his snazzy bow ties in hopes of getting as many dogs as he can get adopted this summer.’

    The $5, 000 that Darius is looking to raise (and he is already over $3, 000 of the way there!) will apparently go towards sewing supplies, a new sewing machine, shipping fees, transportation to visit the shelters in different countries, as well as creating a fully-functioning website for his business.

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    It’s great to see a young man taking such amazing strides at such a young age! Hopefully, he can inspire other young people to push themselves to achieve their best and spread kindness as he has done!

    This story shows that there really are positive stories out there of good people spreading joy! Let me know in the comments what you make of Darius’ wonderful mission, and be sure to tag friends and family who are also animal lovers and would enjoy this uplifting story!