12 Year-Old Gets The Best Christmas Gift After Losing Family Cat

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Not long after their family cat passed away, Austin helped host a yoga session featuring adoptable felines from the shelter (how amazing is that!) While partaking in the cat yoga event, Austin met Gizzard, a lovely black cat who the young animal-lover had an instant connection with.

Mom Mari noticed that the pair really got on, and decided to plan a beautiful surprise for her son - Mari secretly made arrangements to adopt Gizzard.

She was trying to think of the best way to break the news to Austin that he and the family had a new best friend, and decided to give it a very festive twist.

Watch the video below:


The video above displays Austin’s joyous surprise was taken at the holiday event, where the youngster believed he was simply taking part in a photoshoot with Santa and Gizzard.

Santa handed Gizzard over to his new owner, and as you can see, Austin could barely believe his eyes.

The cat seemed more than happy to be cuddled by his new best friend, and the 12-year-old’s reaction tugged at the heartstrings of everyone watching.

"His reaction was the best thing I have ever seen. Everyone was crying watching this all happen" Mari said.

With over 80,000 views on Facebook, I’m sure the video has made a few people at home tear up as well. There really is very little more special in life than the connection between a child and a beloved animal.

Since Gizzard went to his new home, he and Austin have become inseparable. Gizzard sleeps on Austin's bed every night, and comes running when Austin calls him. So much for those people who says that cats don't show affection! They really are best friends.

It genuinely made me well up watching this video, and I'm a tough nut to crack! I hope you folks enjoyed it too.

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