13 Australian Firefighters Pose With Adorable Rescue Animals For Charity Calendar

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1. It started with a kiss

First up, we have an absurdly toned young man competing for your gaze with the cutest ginger kitten in Australia. Who wins? We do!

2. A photo of the very highest koala-ty

As cute as this photo is, this firefighter is pretty brave getting this close to a koala bear - despite their size, they're apparently quite vicious, and just look at those claws! Yeesh...

3. Here's looking at you, kid

I simply cannot cope with how cut these kitties are. I want to adopt them both right away! Oh, and the guy can come with too, I guess... I mean, they need a dad, right?

4. Remember you're a wombat

This here creature is a wombat, a chunky little marsupial that is native to Australia. Sadly, they don't always come with a hunky firefighter in tow. He looks okay with the whole situation, though.

5. Eyes on the prize

How are adorable are meerkats! I've always loved these little things. I can't get over the way they look like they're constantly on the lookout. Judging by the fireman's gaze, and the lack of a ring on his finger, it looks like he's on the lookout too!

6. Who says dogs can't multitask?

This is definitely one of my favourites out of the whole bunch. I love how the little pup is licking his face and looking into the camera at the same time - he's obviously a born poser! And he's not alone in that regard...

7. A shoulder to pose on

Oh my gosh, what a blessed image. This teeny border collie pup is so darn cute that he almost made me ignore the other gorgeous creature in this photo. Emphasis on 'almost'.

8. Spoiled for choice

This young firefighter is having exactly as much fun as one would expect from being in a room full of cute little kittens. How many can you spot in total? If you can pry your eyes away from his pectorals, that is...

9. Hey there, big boy!

Sorry, Mr. Fireman - we really appreciate the work that you do, as well as your insanely ripped abs, but the doggy steals the show on this occasion. Does anyone out there know what breed this is? I want to say Irish Wolfhound, but I'm sure someone in the comments will correct me!

10. On the trail together

This picture is absolutely beautiful. I have always absolutely loved Shetland ponies, and it looks like the fireman in this picture does too. It's just too cute, I tells ya!

11. What a Babe!

A change of pace from the furrier animals, here is a gorgeous little pig in the arms of one of Australia's finest. I'm not sure whether this is one of those special miniature pigs, or just a regular piglet - does anyone out there know?

12. You raise me up

I'm pretty sure this is the exact same kitty that was featured in photo #3, but I am 100% not complaining about seeing this cute little fuzzball again. I'm also not complaining that this fireman, like the rest of his buddies, appears to have misplaced his shirt.

13. Whatever the weather

We thought we'd wrap this up with a special seasonal photo, featuring a super-hunky fireman chilling out with a beautiful Saint Bernard. I'm pretty sure this is fake snow - because, you know, it's Australia - but it's a very nice look nonetheless.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did. I know it's not even November 2018 yet, but I feel like the best calendar of 2019 has already been decided upon.

Which was your favourite pic? Let us know in the comments!

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