14 A Perfect Photo Shoot Was The last Thing On These Babies Minds

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& We all know that it's our pets and children that fall victim to our snap happiness the most. They're cute, we love them...AND THEY WON'T F**KING KEEP STILL!!!

That's right, next to animals, our babies and children are the WORST things to try and get a good, wholesome picture of, no matter how desperately we want that 'cute' photo.

But sometimes, as the next 15 pics will demonstrate, even when it does go disastrously wrong, the results are HILARIOUS.

(& They're still going to be totally great at embarrassing these kids in the future!)

1. Close Enough


I'm absolutely loving the grizzled babies' face in the second pic, though!

2. Not Happy

Oh my god. I don't know about you, but, I think the second picture is waaaay cuter than the first one! Baby Yoda, is that you!?

3. They're NOT for eating!


4. Why cake, WHY!?

I think the cake in the second picture is some kind of evil villain, set out to say mean things to and upset babies on cake based photoshoots...yeah, I think that's totally what's happening here. Bad cake!

5. Nope

A big awwww to the first pic, but to be honest, I have to say that I'm more of a fan of the second baby, who gives no f**ks to your bunny photoshoot, they are just totally over it, pass the b*0by!

6. Not really a fan of Pumpkins

The first babe is loving it, but the second babe is thinking, "Nah mate, not really feeling the whole pumpkin thing, have you got something in an apple? Or maybe even a bumblebee or something instead?" I know, because I speak baby...

7. Why have you done this to me!?

I love how the second baby isn't even upset or crying at the fact that he's basically been stuck in some kind of woollen fishing net! The poor thing is just totally confused and looks completely done with his Mom and Dad's sh*t! & I don't blame him.

8. Not quite Sleeping Beauty

Second baby looks like me on my couch when I get home from work! He's obviously had a hard day pooping, crying and puking down Dad's back and isn't really in the mood for the whole 'sleeping cutie' deal.

& Look at that face! He's totally having his first 'what is my life!?' moment. The first of many, kid, the first of many!

9. WHY the Pumpkins!?

I think we've already established the fact, that Pumpkins and babies obviously don't get along very well 90% of the time. So, STOP STICKING BABIES IN THEM! What is wrong with you people!?

10. Serenity Vs Totally Done With Life

The first pic: Me, when I first started my job.

The second pic: Me now.

11. Runaway truck!

It looks like the second one has been on a joyride in that thing! Either that or Dad has been controlling it via remote and has just had baby do a full assault course of the house! His face is like 'you could at least THOUGHT about putting some god damn pants on me beforehand!'

12. Urgggh!

Aw, these are both equally cute in my eyes! But I think I'm in more agreement with baby number two! Ewwwww! Mom and Dad germs! No more kissing!

13. There's no joy to be found here

This is absolutely brilliant! I think the second picture is definitely the winner here, hands down! Obviously, it just wasn't the right day for them to be 'joyful', I totally get that kid's, I totally get it...sometimes you just can't see the joy that's in front of you, even when it's in your hands (literally!)

14. Happiness is a choice!

I think both of these babes prove that your balloon filled crib can be your heaven or your hell, but the choice is yours! Just like life...but let's not get too deep into life's fables just yet, and let's just appreciate the fact that they're BOTH as cute as hell. Bless!

What's your favorite baby photo fail that you've ever managed to capture!? Share it with us!

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