14 Of The Most Hilarious Dad Fails Captured In Photos

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No one except for that hairy guy on the left. He's chill.

2. Peekaboo! 


3. His first beer

A lot of young lads dream of the day they can have their first pint with their dad, but you'd think they could at least wait until the kids were of age!

4. Computer games

It's apparently never too young to introduce your children to computer gaming - and she actually looks like she's enjoying it more than her dad!

5. Not impressed

I don't know a single person who would choose to position their seat this way. The look on her face says it all.

6. Tooth troubles

When this boy had a wobbly tooth that just refused to fall out, his dad suggested that he tie it to a punch bag. Well, at least it's creative.

7. Face cleaner

Who needs tissues or napkins when you have your very own personal moist towelette right there in your mouth? It's free, and this dad knows it!

8. Ketchup madness

Okay, so this might not be a dad, but this older brother seems to be doing his sister a 'favour' by pouring tomato sauce directly into her mouth. Nice. Nutritional.

9. Lazy dad

Who needs to pedal when you can make your kids do all the work?

10. A dangerous dangle

We're not even sure what's going on here, but it doesn't exactly look like the safest of maneuvers!

11. A little encouragement

This dad has decided to forgo the gentle pep talks to get his son into the pool, and has instead opted for the more direct approach.

12. A knot wrap... More like a NOT wrap

Dad just couldn't get to grips with these fancy knots that he's seen mothers do so easily. Luckily, the baby seems thrilled with the attempt!

13. The chair

The worst form of time out. An equally big fail are those slippers, to be honest.

14. Taking the plunge

This is the most interesting game of super heroes we've ever seen, with this dad using a mysterious makeshift gadget he found in a supermarket.

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