14 Stereotypes About Women That Science Has Disproved Copy

14 Stereotypes About Women That Science Has Disproved Copy

There are far too many stereotypes and myths surrounding women that we are here to debunk! Thanks to various experiments and studies, scientists have found that the truth behind popular beliefs differs greatly to what people actually believe about women.

Here are 14 myths about women that are widely believed and accepted by the general public, here’s why they are all false!

1.) Women are less smart

The University of Chicago published research from tests among male and female students across many colleges. On average, girls showed a narrower spread of results while male students were either at the top end or the bottom end. This means that males are on average either really intelligent or have very low intelligence, whilst girls are much more consistent with normal levels of intelligence. This suggests that women are actually, on average, more intelligent than men!

2.) Women love kids!

It is a stereotype that women are prone to loving kids thanks to their natural motherly instinct. This has been disproved by the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences when checking complaints about noisy kids in a number of different fast food outlets. In turned out that for every 9 women that complained, only one man complained. This suggests that women pay more attention to kids but don’t necessarily love them!

3.) Woman are bad at withstanding physical pain

Men actually have a natural painkiller that helps them to deal with pain, the male hormone testosterone. This suggests that women should be more vulnerable pain but this is actually incorrect. Women are better at bearing pain and men faint 10 times more often than women at the sight of blood. Maybe it’s because we deal with blood once a month…

4.) Woman are cowardly

Research by German scientist, Fritz Riemann, who studied fear, women are less likely to recognize a dangerous situation which allows them to perform bold actions. Furthermore, women are more likely to overcome fear. Basically, women are super badass and don’t underestimate them!

5.) Woman are lower-performing workers

Men are apparently considered to work harder, perform better and so are higher paid. Former CEO of IKEA actually states that women work harder, learn quicker and dive straight into tasks better than men. Therefore, the fact men are offered higher salaries and are more likely to get certain jobs over women is completely based off a misguided myth.

6.) Women love glittery things

It is a silly myth that if I women wears sparkles, she is suddenly sparkle and glitter obsessed. It’s like a man wearing a tie and suddenly saying all men love ties. Women love being in their pajamas and t-shirts around the house just as much as getting dressed up for a night out. So, THERE.

7.) Women are weaker

Women are actually better adapted to life than men and can endure all sorts that life throws at them. Scientists believe that it is thanks to women’s DNA and the chromosome XX. Even though the muscle mass of a woman is usually 24% less than the muscle mass of men, they are able to endure many dangerous situations like long-lasting starvation and thirst. Moreover, women can resist infections better too. Basically, call us Wonder Woman!

8.) There are more women than men

This myth is completely untrue. For every 100 girls born there are 107 boys. In the last 50 years, women have dropped numbers in every single country! What’s going on, girls?!

9.) Women live longer than men

It’s not that women live longer it’s that men die earlier. Men aged 36-50 are more at risk of malfunctioning cardiovascular systems. Women at the same age are protected by the estrogen hormone. After aged 50, both genders have equal chances of living a longer life.

10.) Women came up with marriage

Monogamous marriage was actually created by men to protect reproductive rights. If this wasn’t the case, women could choose the perfect representation of the opposite gender, casting other men aside. However, marriage ensures an average partner to reproduce with. It all sounds very gross and weird, we are not going to lie.

11.) Women love sweet treats whilst men love meat

The situation is actually the exact opposite! Women need meat more than men to sustain functioning of their reproductive system to ensure a healthy baby when giving birth. Men can easily replace animal protein with plant protein whilst with female vegetarians, they need to take extra special care.

12.) Polygamy is for men’s pleasure

Back in the day, polygamy would take place so that women could rely on a strong man to provide for and protect their children. Weak men were actually excluded from polygamy. So, polygamy is more for WOMEN than the pleasure of men.

13.) Women are more scared of snakes and spiders

Men are actually THREE TIMES more likely to be scared of spiders than women (that’s not exactly the case with us though…) Also, snakes are allegedly the symbol of women along with cats, basically, women are represented by the sassiest animals and we love it!

Furthermore, women are actually safer in the presence of snakes than men. Snakes are sensitive to smells and sense women as calmer than men, the smell of men cause them to become aggressive. Snakes attack men 10 TIMES more than they attack women. Guess my new favourite animal is a snake then, forget a guard dog, I’m getting myself a guard snake.

14.) Women are cleaner

Charles Gerba, a USA biologist, studied workplaces, including phones, computers, keyboards, boxes, and bags. He found 4 times more bacteria on items women use in comparison to men. This is due to cosmetics which create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. Time to throw away all of my makeup then!