14 Temper Tantrums That These Kids Threw In Epic Style!

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2. The Car Ride Home

"My 3-year-old threw a fit at Steak and Shake. I refused to stay with him acting like that, so I buckled him into his car seat and got onto the freeway to drive home. He was so mad about leaving that he unbuckled himself from his car seat, climbed up to the front, and tried to force me to turn the car around! Meanwhile, his 6-year-old sister and 8-year-old cousin were in the back screaming, 'WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!'" - vahoneybee

3. A Poopy Situation.

 "I was changing my toddler's diaper (a nasty poop), when my newborn started crying hysterically. So I quickly finished the change and wrapped up the diaper, but didn’t put it in the diaper pail so I could run to the baby. My toddler threw a (literal) shit fit. She grabbed the dirty diaper, opened it, and threw it on everything she could get her shitty little hands on." - affiejaykay

4. Say A Little Prayer

"My two toddler-aged kids threw a giant fit at Target. In the parking lot, I was lugging my angry toddler while carrying my other toddler when a couple stopped and asked if they could PRAY for me — mid fit in the middle of the parking lot. I was mortified." —Erin Roll, Facebook

5. The Easter Hunt

 "My husband was a Marine who was assigned to a squadron that supported President Obama, so we were invited to the White House for their annual Easter Egg hunt. We had to wait for two hours in the hot sun before we could go on the grounds. My son was 2, and I ran out of food and drink for him while we were waiting to be let in. Initially everything was going well, we sat and listened to Michelle Obama read a story, but after story time he'd had enough of the festivities and proceeded to throw the most epic tantrum of his life, rolling around on the south lawn of the White House in front of several important politicians, secret service, and other military families. There’s nothing like your kid screaming bloody murder in front of Washington’s most influential people."


6. Call The Doctor!

"My daughter used to throw epic tantrums. I attempted to let her scream it out a number of times, but the joke was on me. She screamed until she broke blood vessels around her eyes." —sadies458c35773

7. Belly Poke

"Once my shirt came up a little, exposing my belly button, and for some reason, my 1-year-old REALLY wanted to poke it. I wouldn’t let her, so for 30 whole minutes she rolled around on the floor screaming and crying — only stopping every 5-10 minutes to try to poke it again."—Sarah Stevens, Facebook

8. Grocery Nightmare

 "When my daughter was 5 she had a huge meltdown in the grocery store. My husband abandoned the half-full shopping cart to carry her to the car, but she was screaming such bloody murder that the store employees ran after them to make sure she wasn't being kidnapped."kimfielding2

9.  Cop Dad

 "When my son was 3 or 4, he'd throw a fit and scream, '911! 911! My dad is coming to arrest you!' Dad is a police officer. He never arrested me, lol."—Dominga Leway, Facebook

10. Just Put Your Head In The Fridge

"My 2-year-old planked in our tiny kitchen, spat food all over the floor, then turned off the oven while I was cooking. Why? Because I wouldn't let him shut my head in the fridge door."—Jordan Summers Young, Facebook

11. Keeping Calm

"I am a twin, and one time (my mom tells me) we were sitting in the cart together, kicking and screaming at the tops of our lungs, when this family passed by with two children about our age who were sitting in the cart softly singing 'Kumbaya.'"—avaclaus05

12. Getting Hit With A Stick

"We were feeding the ducks at the park when My 5-year-old found a huge 7-foot stick and insisted we take it home. I had no desire to take a large stick home that I couldn’t even fit it in the car, so I said no. She started screaming her head off and waving the stick around. Meanwhile, two moms I'd met at the park were staring at the scene. I told her we were leaving and that she had a long time out when we got home. She threw this huge stick at me and continued to scream until we got home."


13. Fried Food Goodness

"When I was 4, my aunt and her boyfriend took me along on one of their dates. They wanted to go to some seafood restaurant outside of town, but we ended up having KFC in town. Apparently, I threw the biggest tantrum when we drove past the fast food place and I realized we weren’t stopping for fried chicken."


14. Drink Up!

"My almost 3-year-old daughter had the most epic meltdown during hour two of a six-hour flight. My husband walked the plane with her freaking out for about two hours. When she finally fell asleep and he sat back down the fight attendant brought him a beer."caru959

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