15 Board Games That Every 80s Child Should Remember

Is it true that they don’t make games like they used to, or is it simply that our eyes are so blinded with nostalgia that we can’t accept that anything new is better than what we used to have?

Whatever the answer, we’re going to say it; They don’t make games like they used to. Feast your eyes on the selection of 15 classic board games below, and I’m sure you’ll agree that we had it good growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s. How many do you remember? Which was your favorite? Are there any you can’t believe that we’ve left out?

1) Ghost Castle

Ghost Castle was amazing. Who can forget dropping the skull down the chute and never knowing which of the contraptions it was going to set off? Whether it was the axe or the skeleton, the tension was unbearable!


2) Mouse Trap

Be honest now, did Mouse Trap ever work properly for you? We found that it took ages to set the damn thing up, and when you eventually got round to setting it off one of the parts would always let you down and not work.


3) Game Of Life

Game of Life gave you the opportunity to find a job and have children before you had to find a job and have children in your real life. We’ll leave you to decide which was more fun…


4) Cluedo

Was it Mr White, in the bedroom, with the candlestick by any chance?


5) Frustration

And boy was it frustrating when your sibling sent one of your pegs back to the start for the umpteenth time…


6) Go For Broke!

‘The game you win by losing a million’. It’s hardly a wonder that there are so many gambling addicts these days is it?


7) Electronic Dream Phone

Kind of like Guess Who, but with hunky boys instead.


8) Escape From Colditz

This game was hardcore, and saw you trying to plan your escape from the infamous prison.


9) Go For It!

‘The game where you can have it all’ reads the tag line, and this looks like the most 80s of all the 80s board games ever created.


10) Mr T

Does anyone else remember this? In fact does anyone else remember the Mr T cartoon at all? This was the game when you could ‘team up with Mr T in an exciting race against time’ and it was actually really good fun.


11) Sorry!

Please help us to remember how this one worked, was it essentially Frustration for kids?


12) Risk

The one where you had to play your Grandad over 4 grueling hours…


13) Monopoly

An obvious inclusion, but it’s a classic game that never gets boring.


14) Trivial Pursuit

This was impossible to play with your parents until they released the family edition, after which it was all too easy to beat them.


15) Scrabble

My sister used to make up words then look in the dictionary on the off chance they existed. Because she’s a cheat.