15 Brides Who Totally Broke The Rules And Ended Up Having The Most Awesome Weddings Of All Times


Back in my day, getting married was special because it meant out of 7 billion people on the planet, you had found the one person you want to spend your ENTIRE life with. After all, what could possibly be more special than that? These days, however, it seems that the most important and "special" part of marriage is the wedding day itself. I mean, if your wedding isn't the most Instagrammable wedding of the year, then what's the point of even having one!? Urgh.

Luckily, there does seem to be a trend of people out there now who are fighting against all this "Perfect Wedding" malarky, and BuzzFeed is here to help prove it! Yep, that's right. BuzzFeed went ahead and asked their very own community to tell them about a wedding rule (or "tradition", to put it another way) they went against on their big, beautiful day... and let me tell you, you will NOT be disappointed.

"I wore a jumpsuit I found on Asos."

It's safe to say I've pretty much fallen in love with every single one of these couples, and if I had my chances to do my wedding day all over again, there are definitely a few rules I know I'd break after reading this list! But don't just take my word for it... keep scrolling and find out for yourself!

"We walked down the aisle together. We were making the biggest commitment of our lives, and we wanted to walk into that moment already supporting each other."

"I’m not a big fan of cake, so we had pie instead."

This is one is a really sweet sentiment. You're making that big debut together in front of your friends and family, which is just lovely! For me, however, one of my fondest memories from my wedding day is walking down the aisle towards Walt and seeing the tears in his eyes when he saw me for the first time in my dress! (And no, it wasn't just because I told him that if he didn't cry I'd knock his bloomin' head right off of his shoulders!)

—Cait Jacob Denny, Facebook

"I went wedding dress shopping with my mom and found the perfect dress. And I was so excited when it arrived that the first person I knew I had to share it with was my husband!"

Okay now, this is DEFINITELY a rule I would break if I could do my wedding all over again. Boy oh boy do I love a good pie! In fact, I would make sure that I had my own individual Bride pie so I wouldn't have had to share it with anybody else.

thebridalcottage / Via instagram.com

Again, I think this one is very very sweet. However, again, I feel the same way I do about walking down the aisle. I prefer the big reveal to happen during those first few moments between you and your partner as you're walking towards them. Besides, Walt is rubbish when it comes to fashion so he probably wouldn't have had much to say about it anyway!

Also... can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL this dress is for a hot second!?

"We said, 'we do' instead of 'I do.'"

"I wore a lavender dress, and my husband and I both hyphenated our last names so that we could share our identities with one another."

A small rule to break (or I guess change, in this case) yet very sweet. A really simple but effective way to make your wedding more personal and a little bit different!

"We didn't have a live band or live DJ — just my wife’s brother with an auxiliary cord, huge speakers, and a guest-compiled Spotify playlist."


It seems to be common practice more and more for couples to either keep their own last name or double barrel each others last name, which in all honesty I think is pretty wonderful. Of course, if you want to take your partner's last name then that is completely fine too! Whatever you want to do is up to you, it's your day after all. Not to mention, I am also LIVING for this lavender wedding dress! Absolutely incredible.


"Our cake toppers were Scully and Mulder, and we threw stuffed animals with scratch tickets instead of the garter and bouquet."

This is just a FABULOUS idea. Not only does it save you a damn ton of money, but it also makes sure that there'll be songs played to suit every single guest's preference. 10/10 broken rule for me!

—Kim Forest-Hauser, Facebook

"I slept next to my husband the night before our wedding, and stayed with him the entire day of. I always thought waiting to see each other was sweet, but having my best friend next to me the whole time made it so much better for me."

A perfect tribute for any Scully and Mulder fan couple, how fantastic! And I am all for throwing around some stuffed animals too... I've certainly got enough of them stashed away in the attic! If someone else happened to win big on a scratchcard, however... well, I may have to request at least 10% of it.

"We made and drank a 'unity shot' during our ceremony."


I can definitely see the adorable side of this one. Although there's some excitement about not seeing each other until the morning after, it must be pretty exciting lying next to each other sharing the excitement and talking about what your big day might bring for the both of you! I approve of this broken rule.

"We didn't invite our family — just a few close friends. As great as our families are, every one of them thinks their opinion matters. By not having them there, we were able to do exactly what we wanted without guilt."

Wait... you mean it's actually not already tradition to do shots on your wedding day!? I'd already had 3 of them before I'd even walked down the aisle.

"I hate being the center of attention, so I didn't do a grand entrance down the aisle. Instead, we had a receiving line afterwards."


Well here's my opinion on THIS one; I am ALL. FOR. THIS. Listen, folks, it is your day. If there are people you feel obligated to invite but at the same time do not want to invite them... well, guess what! You DON'T actually have to invite them!!! I know it sounds like a wild concept but believe me the minute you get this into your head (for everything, not just your wedding day) your life will become 100% better.

"We got married in the courthouse, then had our first dance in the middle of town while a homeless man on the street sang 'our song.'"

anitaweds / Via instagram.com

Your wedding day is possibly one of the hardest days to NOT be the sentence of attention... in fact, that's what most brides look forward to on their big day. But this seems to be a really fun way of getting around it without all eyes being on you for too long!

"Instead of having a whole party of people help me get ready and transport me to the venue, I slept alone, woke up alone, got ready alone, then drove myself to the ceremony — and it was so unbelievably stress-free."

Each to their own I suppose, I don't personally think this one would be for me though. I would never have managed to dress myself that morning... nevermind get myself to the church. I was too busy trying not to listen to my cold feet!

Did you break any rules on your wedding day? Or did you have a traditional wedding you and your partner have always dreamed of? Do you think that you should have a traditional wedding or that it's fine to break some of the rules? Either way be sure to let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this with your friends and family too!