15 Cats Who Had To Face The Ultimate Punishment After Being Exposed For Their Crimes

15 Cats Who Had To Face The Ultimate Punishment After Being Exposed For Their Crimes

15 Cats Who Had To Face The Ultimate Punishment After Being Exposed For Their Crimes

I think that we can all safely say (well, those of us who own cats’ obviously) that our lives are enhanced so much by our little funny, furry felines.

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& Hey, Dogs’ are wonderful too, don’t get me wrong, but I think us cat owners would agree, that we have to be special kind of person to earn the trust of our favourite felines.

We also know our little furbabies inside out and with that, comes the knowledge of just how much of a jerk our little companion can truly be…sure, we love them all more for it…but it doesn’t mean that we have to let the cute, little b*tards get away with it!

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Yeah, they’ll probably poop in our shoes and leave a decapitated mouse head on our pillow, to wake up to in horror the next morning…but, the result is just so cute when we do shame them for their crimes! It’s almost worth it to witness the aftermath of small mammal homicide, first thing in the morning.

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So, let us brighten up your day with 15 feisty felines, who weren’t allowed to get away with their misdeeds!


1. The Lifeguard

I’m sure this little fella is just being cautious, after all, the kitties obviously know something about water that we don’t! They hate it so much, after all! I bet he’s just trying to warn him…or something…
OR maybe his food dish is empty…either one is an acceptable, urgent emergency really…

2. Strange Trip

Aw, looks like poor little Zelda has had her first taste of the highlife. & It also looks like she’s seen things that we mortals just wouldn’t understand! #offmykittyt*ts

3. The Insomniac

You keep deluding yourself, kitty Mom! But I’m pretty sure that this little floofy nemesis, is TOTALLY the reason that you’re single….& he totally knows what he’s doing too! Look at his smushy, smug face! There’s obviously only room for one little spoon in that house!

4. Counter Service

Christmas is ruined by the kitty stomp of doom! Although, I’m sure the guests won’t mind a cookie with a hint of a smelly paw.
If this was me, I’d make the cat imprint his paw in all of dem’ cookies and make it look like it was intentional…MEOWY CHRISTMAS and all that.

5. Green Thumb

Ahhhh, the harvest is bountiful this year! Who knew you could GROW your own kitties!? Where do I obtain the seeds for this miracle!? I NEED answers!

6. Home Wrecker

There is definitely some Christmas bashing cats in this list of shame, isn’t there!?
I don’t think Santa Paws is going to be leaving anything tasty in these naughty Puss’s stocking!

7. Miss Me, Mom?

Oh George, have you any idea how much ugly crying your Mommy would have done over those four months, that you were gone!? What a dirty stop out…oh well, at least he’s back home safe…until next time.

8. Burnin’ Down The House

I’m thinking this little soaking sabotager, will certainly be thinking twice before he tries that again. If this was my kitty, I would play ‘Burnin’ Ring of Fire’ by Johnny Cash everytime he entered the room, just to remind him of his a*s misadventure…and of course, and amuse myself.

9. The Babysitter

More like the Babysh*tter! I don’t think that’s the most endearing quality to have, kitty! Oh well, still love you…
& I’m sure that you were just trying to prepare them for the outside world….albeit in a very unorthodox way.

10. Drained

“If I stay perfectly still…she won’t know it’s me…oh sh*t, I’m stuck!”
Be careful of karma, kitty! It’s a b*tch!

11. Medical Mystery

Oh, bless…at those prices, his parents definitely need to frame those fabulous turds, though! Get some fibre in your diet, Atticus! Before you bankrupt your parents with your designer dumps!

12. Special Delivery

Oh dear…
I think we cat owners know…if kitty is being quiet or cute…be cautious, because they’re more than likely up to something dastardly!

13. Bathroom Buddies

“Wow Mom, we think you should lay off the pizza…!”
“Yeah Mom, you should order a salad on your date tonight…and don’t wear those skinny jeans with THAT as*!”
Wow, cheers guys! I thought you were meant to give unconditional love and support!?
Fat chance of that with this judgemental pair…literally!

14. Daredevil

Little Elliot certainly knows how to make a bad situation worse…but as you can tell, he gives absolutely no f**ks! Oh well, you keep being you, Elliot!

15. Not Living Up To His Namesake

Some cats aren’t happy with just stepping on your genitals, stealing your food and waking you up with their spazz attacks at 3 am…they also have to bite you in the most sensitive part of your body, just as you’re falling asleep!

Oh well, we still love all of these beautiful little baddies…

What’s the worst thing that your feisty feline has done to you!?

Shame them, out them and let us know! It’s the only way to stop them… (only joking, nothing is going to stop them…!)

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