15 Classic Crisps That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

How much pocket money did you get each week when you were a kid? 10p? 20p? 50p? Surely not a whole pound? However much it was, I bet you could afford to buy at least one decent packet of crisps with it, and boy did we have some amazing potato based snacks available to purchase back in the 1980s. Feast your eyes on the 15 delightful crisps below, tell us which was your favourite, and let us know about any obvious ones that we’ve missed out…

1) Space Raiders


Just 10p for a tasty pickled onion flavoured ‘corn snack’, with a brilliantly memorable packet featuring space goddess Astra and her rebel pirates. The rear of the packet also featured a tiny comic strip detailing Astra’s space adventures, which only added to the feeling that we were getting a lot of value for our money.


2) Ringos


Cheese and onion flavoured wheat and potato rings, with some packets detailing a ‘mindbending offer’, where for £1.10 we could obtain ‘3 mindbending puzzles’.

3) Salt ‘n’ Shake


The classic crisps that, rather than having salt added already, asked us to ‘look for the little blue salt bag’ which we had to open, insert and shake around the packet ourselves. This should have been annoying, but in fact it was something we always looked forward to doing.

4) Chipsticks


These tasted absolutely amazing, especially if you were a salt and vinegar fan.

5) Potato Puffs


These were fantastic but were made up of about 90% air.

6) Football Crazy


‘Crunchy corn and potato snacks’, which somehow tasted better because the packet had some footballing action on the front.

7) The Real Ghostbusters


For 10p we could purchase these ‘teeth tingling’ tomato flavoured corn snacks.

8) Monster Munch


These are still very much available, but is it just us or are the monster feet shaped crisps so much smaller than they were when we were children?

9) Crispy Tubes


Smiths were responsible for so many of the best 80s crisps, and this was another one of their offerings that we remember.

10) Frazzles


These are still available and to be fair still taste as good as we remember.

11) ThunderCats


Crunch snacks based on our favourite feline cartoon, and you could send off for some free ThunderCats glitter stickers!

12) Outer Spacers


For 5p you could purchase these ‘crispy corn snacks for cosmonauts’

13) Walkers Snaps


Another tomato flavoured crisp that you could obtain for the random price of 8p a packet.

14) Piglets


The big bad wolf on the packet encouraged us to eat some bags of piglety ‘crackle and crunch’

15) Sky Divers


These featured a ‘sky diving’ man on the packet.