15 Crazy Things That Are SO Much Bigger Than You Thought



1.) A horse’s lungs…

This shows what a horse’s lungs look like fully inflated…WHAT?! They are so huge we wonder how they even fit inside the horse at all. This one never fails to blow our mind…

2.) How many Earths fit inside the sun

One million Earths could fit inside the all mighty heat giving, burning ball of fire that we call The Sun. This picture demonstrates exactly what this looks like and it’s INSANE. It makes us a little scared of the sun…

3.) Freeway Signs

Obviously, freeway signs are big so that we can read them when whizzing past them in a car. However, we had no idea that they were THAT big!

4.) Bear Claws

This is horrifying. Bears don’t seem quite so cute and cuddly now that we’ve truly seen the extent of their claws. We will definitely be keeping our distance and don’t fancy camping anytime soon…

5.) Eagle’s Talon

Eagles are quite intimidating birds already after we’ve seen their talons, we are terrified of them! They are so huge that they could probably pick up a small child…

6.) Michelangelo’s David

This stunning statue is far bigger than we imagined it to be for some reason. We cannot begin to imagine how talented the sculptors must have been to create this masterpiece! We feel sorry for the guy that had to do his erm, private parts.

7.) The Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet

This is a comet that orbits Jupiter and how large it is relative to Los Angeles. This is the most terrifying image we have ever seen. Imagine looking out of your window and seeing this…actually, don’t do that, we don’t want you to have nightmares.

8.) The largest tree in the world

The General Sherman grows in Sequoia National Park and is currently the largest tree in the world. We can see why - look how tiny those people look stood next to it! Mother Nature never fails to put us in awe of her amazing creations…

9.) Traffic lights

We would have NEVER thought that traffic lights are actually almost the size of a human?!

10.) Adult wombat

Okay, what is going on here?! We were CONVINCED that wombats were little squirrel-sized creatures, not human-sized monsters! Okay, they are actually incredibly cute but they are way bigger than expected…

11.) If Saturn replaced the moon

Imagine if our night sky looked like THIS. It would be awesome if a little intimidating as Saturn looms over us while we sleep. We think we will stick with the moon for now if that’s okay.

12.) The Great Pyramid of Giza

This picture messes with our mind! Not only is this pyramid HUGE but we cannot figure out what angle this photo was taken from and it’s basically inception on a whole new level.

13.) Blue Whale’s heart

This heart could fit around five humans inside of it and that’s insane. Blue whales are huge but we never expected their heart to be quite as big as this. Maybe that’s why they are friendly animals because they have such big hearts – sweet!

14.) The moon and the United States

The United States actually is wider than the width of the moon! That’s completely blown our minds, we always thought that the moon was bigger than any continent but clearly, we were very wrong. Learn something new everyday folks!

15.) The Lord of The Rings prop

This is the size of the one ring TO RULE THEM ALL (sorry) prop that was used for close-ups.

What?! We were under the impression they just took close-ups of the normal-sized ring. HOW COULD THEY DECEIVE US LIKE THIS?! Pretty cool though, we would love to get our hands on that massive ring.

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