15 Cringe-Worthy Wedding Proposals To Make You Glad You're Single


Proposing is a massive moment in a relationship, and in a culture where everything is filmed, photographed and documented so that strangers can make you feel better by giving you a fake thumbs up, it's natural that some people want to push the boat out and make it extra special... but 'special' means very different things to different people.

From the downright weird to the eye-wateringly cringey, here are 15 wedding proposals which will make you yearn for simpler times.

1.) Quattro formarriageio

(Source: Instagram )

It's a valiant effort working towards our hearts through the heavenly food-stuff that is pizza but yes, it is too cheesy... by which I mean where are the toppings? Oh what, I'm not good enough for toppings?

2.) Definitely More 'Mild' Than 'Hot'

(Source:  worldwideinterweb.com)

I can only hope that there is an elaborate inside joke here that I'm missing, because all I"m seeing is a wedding ring jammed over a packet of mild sauce. Fair play though, it does say 'Will you marry me?' on the packet... actually I don't know why I'm defending this.

3.) What Drink Would You Like With That Marriage Meal?

(Source:  memecollection.net )

saver meal 

4.) Yep, A Toilet. That Is All.

(Source: cheezeburger.com )

I believe that this proposal was an entry for a competition. Regardless, they got married after a proposal outside a port-a-loo, I can only hope it was worth it, but I doubt it.

5.) *Failure To Connect

(Source: acidcow)

Because nothing says 'respect the sanctity of marriage' like your internet service provider.

6.) No... No I Simply Will Not

(Source: onewed.com )

I've stared at this photo for hours now hoping to find in what way it is being ironic. Alas, I have had to come to the conclusion that it is not, and that this is a completely serious proposal put up for the actual real-world purpose of convincing someone to spend the rest of their life with you. I'm sure it worked just fine.

7.) Honey, I Swallowed The Ring

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8.) Spell Check

(Source:  worldwideinterweb.com)

Or, maybe he was right and it's not actually a proposal but a horrific existential question about the nature of happiness... am... I... happy? Probably just misspelled 'marry' though really.

9.) Again With The Toilets

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and then 

10.) Don't Marry The Yellow Snowmen

(Source:  onewed.com)

I wasn't aware before starting this list that there was such an obsession with men using toilets as vehicles for proposals. Also, it probably says more about me that I wouldn't be marrying this horrible guy because he writes his 'm's weirdly.

11.) D'you Reckon He Said Yes, Or Snes?

(Source:  worldwideinterweb.com)

Okay, so I had to look up what SNES meant and I don't expect anyone to get it but all that aside, I think this one's probably actually the cutest one on the list. Really regret writing that SNES joke now but I've stuck with it.

12.) More Food...

(Source:  Buzzfeed)

Okay so I'm not entirely sure that this is a proposal of marriage, but it's definitely a proposal, and it's weird as heck. This is like a message left by a psychopath, imagine reading this in the middle of the night. Also, it's a bit lazy that they gave up on the watermelon and just wrote on the fruit as opposed to stacking into a word, bit of a copout if you ask me.

13.) Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail

(Source:  YouTube )

This just smacks of last minute thinking. Either that, or it was written by an emotionally abusive Yoda.

14.) Are You... Calling Me A Cow?

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15.) I'm Only Crying Because Of The Onions, I Promise

(Source:  Imgur)

She would probably be better quickly swallowing the ring and pretending she had never seen it. 'What ring? I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about?'

So those were 15 skin-crawling proposals that will make you appreciate your Netflix subscription just that little bit more. Did you have an interesting proposal, if so let me know in the comments! Or if you had to choose one of these proposals which one would it be? (It can't be the pizza one though, I've dibsed that one already! AAx