15 Dads That Get Full Marks For Creativity

15 Dads That Get Full Marks For Creativity

15 Dads That Get Full Marks For Creativity

When a father takes on the enormous responsibility of child-rearing, they do so with the same gusto as they would a favorite hobby! In fact, they happen to have a unique and undeniably radical way in which to handle even the most mundane tasks with tons of creativity. In fact, there are plenty of things that we can learn from men when it comes to raising kids. So, when we saw these #dad hacks, we were duly impressed by their ability to overcome these daily duties with some hacks that are sure to give us all a different outlook on how to care for a child. Let’s take a look at some of their unique approaches to some of our most common situations with kids:

1. Not all shirts belong on his back:

In this case, this guy takes the shirt off of his own back in order to keep his kid safely in the chair while he prepares a meal! That way, he knows his child is safe and sound. Genius!

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2. Loading and unloading the child:

This guy refuses to carry around his child in the chairs and opts to use this hand truck to roll the child around with ease. Not a bad idea at all! After all, these tools were invented for a reason. . .

3. Twice the fun:

These twins are doubled up and going on the ride of their lives! Of course, no mom would ever consider doing this. . . That’s what dads are for! So long as no child was hurt during the process. . .

4. Posted by mom, cleverly invented by dad:

In this case, a few bananas were used to get through feeding time with this little bundle of joy and although the ideas appear to be a bit bananas, it clearly worked great! This child doesn’t seem to mind.

5. Another clever way to feed the child “hands-free”:

I would expect to see this with some duct tape. . . No man is without that! However, I suppose any tape will do!

6. Recycling that bin:

In this case, a father decides to NOT buy another expensive gadget for his child and simply uses this recycling bin to help guide his child through his first steps in life. This appears to work just fine.

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DADHACK – BIN WALKER Wanna help your kid with their walking but don't wanna fork out for yet ANOTHER baby gadget they'll only use for 2 weeks before relegating it to the garage, watching it collect dust for 10 years, consider selling at a car boot a dozen times and then finally chucking it in a neighbours skip in the middle of the night?……Why not just turn your recycling bin into a baby walker?! You can claim one free from the council and it even doubles up as a genuinely useful object. Not only does it keep the tree huggers happy when you fill it with your empty booze bottles BUT ALSO the missus happy when you're teaching the kid how to walk! Winner winner, chicken (pie) dinner. #dadhacks #lifehacks #parenthacks #firststeps #recycling #treehugger #winnerwinnerchickendinner #dad #lad #baby #ladbaby

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7. Using weights for comfort:

In this photo, a dad is using his discarded weights to hold his child firmly against a soft cushion. This baby thinks he’s being cuddled to sleep and it seems to work great!

8. This father doesn’t want to give up his sport:

Instead, he finds a way to include his child by attaching his seat to the golf clubs. In this way, he gets to have the best of both worlds! This kid approves of the ride:

9. Catching the mess before it’s made:

This is a great idea! By using the lid of a coffee cup, this dad can catch the mess BEFORE it’s made!

10. Using a shopping basket for more than just shopping:

We’re used to putting our kids in any rolling basket but these look like the perfect size for small children. This kid appears to be having a great time!

11. For all of those escape artists:

This dad thinks that he has the solution to this scenario!

12. Holding in that pacifier:

This dad doesn’t have time to hold in the pacifier on his own so he enlists the help of his child’s cuddly friend.

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13. This child can now hang in the shop with dad:

Literally! What a neat way to keep your child nearby and still out of harm’s way in this shop. Maybe the kid will learn a thing or two while he’s hanging out with dad!

14. Not all socks fit:

However, that just doesn’t matter to this dad who uses his own socks to keep his kid’s feet warm and toasty!

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15. Banana sandwich:

When there’s no time to make a proper sandwich, this one will do!

16. When only mom will do.

This guy had a clever trick to make baby think it is mom feeding him. Seems to be working a treat.

17. The make shift changing table.

When you run out of changing mat’s, why not use a cardboard box 😉

18. The perfect grocery list holder.

When there is nowhere else to put your shopping list, why not use baby’s head?

19. The Rope Plait

This daddy couldn’t work out how to plait his daughter’s hair, so he just made it into a piece of rope.

20. The Table-Cum-Playpen

This Dad was seriously impressed with what he saw this mom do in order to keep her kid in one place while waiting to be seen… note to self, find a doctors surgery that has one of these tables!

21. The Swing

This Dad knows how to live! Just because his kid loves the swing doesn’t mean it needs to interrupt his “me-time” right? 10/10 for creativity!

22. In-Car Entertainment

Don’t have one of those fancy cars with the TV’s built into the back of the seats and about to head out on a long journey with your rambunctious little ones? Never fear! Just do what this Dad did and use some stretch cords to secure a tablet to the back of the seats yourself!

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23. The Key-Chain Pull

Taking your kid out on their trike and they can’t quite get the hang of it? Well this Dad has the perfect solution; tie a piece of rope to your keys and use them to pull your little one along with you!

24. Roller-Kids

Going on a vacation with the family and the kids are tiring out already? Just load them up onto your luggage and cart them around like a carry-on!