15 DIYs Made Using Junk Around Your House

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1.) DIY Colander Planters

Colanders make great planters, who would’ve thought it?! They are brightly colored, have plenty of holes for aeration and have handles to hang them up by. If you are planning on throwing one out or giving one away, you seriously need to try using them as planters – it looks great!

2.) DIY Branch art

If you have loads of branches lying around and either you or the kids have collected, why not make them into an art piece?! This painted heart is super easy to make and will look great on your walls.

3.) DIY jute placemats

Everyone has a roll or two of jute rope lying around. It will only take minutes to make these rustic farmhouse-esque placemats for your next dinner party!

4.) DIY Cassette Tape Planter

Everyone has some old cassette tapes lying around that they never play because everything is digital these days. So, why not turn those old tapes into an awesome retro planter?!

5.) DIY Embroidery Hoop Orb

Embroidery hoops that you no longer need are extremely versatile! You can make this awesome futuristic orb just by pushing different shapes into one another!

6.) DIY Shoebox Charging Station

If you want to keep things neat and tidy then this shoebox charging station is a must! I need to make one now…

7.) DIY Farmhouse Tray

This old cutting board has been transformed into a rustic tray by just adding two handles!

8.) DIY Newspaper Tube Light Fixture

Rolled newspapers actually make the coolest light feature! If you have a little more time on your hands then this is definitely a project to work on.

9.) Toilet Paper Roll Gift Boxes

These gift boxes are the cutest things ever and the recipients will be shocked that they are made out of toilet paper rolls! You would never think that something so pretty could be made out of toilet paper…

10.) Plastic Spoon Sunburst Mirror

This DIY is so cheap, easy to make and looks super effective! You can paint the spoons in any colour you wish and it looks so unique hanging on your wall.

11.) Soda Tab Chandelier

This is so unique and awesome, definitely one we would never have thought of! It looks fantastic and is a complete show-stopper. If you have a creative flair then this project is definitely one for you.

12.) Bike chain bracelet

If you are about to throw out an old bike chain, stop! You can turn it into a super cool industrial bracelet. This one looks so unique that we would love to make one ourselves.

13.) Wine Cork Succulents

This is the cutest DIY we have EVER seen. These little wine cork succulents have magnets on that allow you to stick them onto your fridge. Honestly, we are going to make these RIGHT NOW.

14.) DIY décor

Twine literally makes everything better and solves all of life’s problems. Simply wrap twine around your old light bulbs that don’t work anymore and fill a jar with these cute little twine pears!

15.) DIY wine bottle vases

I know that I have a fair few old wine bottles waiting to be recycled (I don’t have a problem, promise). So, I definitely need to transform them into pretty vases to make the number of empty wine bottles I have a GOOD thing, not a bad thing…

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