15 Facts That Prove Kate Middleton Was Amazing Way Before She Became A Royal


There's a lot to love about Kate Middleton! She's the absolute ideal for a lot of women out there; stylish, intelligent, kind, and of course, married to the future King of England! 

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Although she wears a crown very well, Kate Middleton wasn't born to royalty! And though her life has been just as awesome as husband William's has, it's not so well chronicled! 

Luckily, I've found these amazing, little known facts that give an insight into just how amazing Miss Middleton was, even before she got her fancy pants title! 

1. Kate co-founded an all-female drinking society 

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When studying at St Andrews (where she met Prince William!) Kate set up a society exclusively for girls who liked a glass or five! 

Though before you come a little too concerned that Kate was having more units than recommended, it's worth noting that Kate set up the society as she was sick and tired of there being male-only drinking societies, but nowhere for ladies to do the same!

Nice one, Kate! I'll drink to that! 

2. Kate was bullied at school

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Though we all know that Kate is the most charming, most lovely person there is, she hasn't always been people's favorite person. 

In primary school, it is reported that Kate was bullied. Thankfully, she got the best revenge. She grew into an accomplished young woman; beautiful, talented, oh and married to a prince. 

Take that, bullies! 

3. Kate is (distantly) related to George Washington! 

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Kate Middleton is George Washington's cousin eight times removed! 

Okay, so if the famous American was still alive and kicking maybe Miss Middleton wouldn't be on his Christmas card list... They're not very closely related, but still!

It just goes to show how Kate is linked to loads of people just as amazing as her! 

4. Kate studied abroad in Italia! 

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Bene! Bene! Bene!

And that's about the full extent of my Italian language skills completely exhausted... but Kate would do much better! 

In between leaving school and beginning University Kate took a "gap year". Whilst most kids spend this time getting drunk and making some pretty poor life decisions, Kate was super mature about it all and went to the British Institute in Florence. 

Kate's time here complimented her degree very well. At University she studied Art History and so the year she spent in Florence, surrounded by classical art and statues definitely paid off! 

5. Kate is a natural athlete

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How does Kate stay so enviably trim? Well, I'm afraid the answer is woefully obvious; exercise. 

Yes, unfortunately, if you want the Duchess' figure you've gotta work for it! What nonsense! I'm certainly not about that life...

Kate has always been a sporty chick. At school, she played a range of sports and when she got to University things were no different! She did cross country running, swimming and also played field hockey and tennis. 

I'm exhausted just typing all those sports, I'm going for a lie down! 

6. Kate is the first British bride with a UK degree! 

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She's not just a pretty face! 

As well as being sporty and beautiful, Kate is also really clever! Kate studied Art History at St Andrews University. 

If Kate one day becomes Queen then she will be first to hold that title and a degree! Yes, queen!  

7. Kate is a massive Downton Abbey fan! 

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This one is hardly surprising, it's such a fab show! 

It seems pretty fitting that someone in Kate's position would like a fancy-pants period drama! There's a lot for her to relate to in the show; beautiful dresses, servants, grand buildings and, of course, a stately grandmother! 

It's good to know Kate is just as prone to a guilty pleasure binge-watch as anyone else!

8. Kate lived in the Middle East as a child!

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She may be a classic English Rose but Kate has had a pretty diverse life! 

Kate's parents both worked for airlines, her father was a pilot and her mother a flight attendant, subsequently, little Kate saw an awful lot of the globe!

In her childhood, she spent two and a half years in the Middle East in Amman, Jordan. Maybe being well-traveled set Kate up well for her future title! 

Meeting all sorts of people from all sorts of place! 

9. At school Kate's nickname was Squeak

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That's right! The elegant, graceful, classically beautiful demi-goddess that is Kate Middleton was once titled; Squeak! 

It's a truly adorable nickname and it has a pretty humble origin story too! You see, the school guinea pig inspired Kate's nickname!

Though I don't imagine Kate is likely to ever be compared to the small rodent-like creatures ever again, I'm pretty sure she took the cutesy name good naturedly!  

10. She's an avid photographer 

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The Royals are always in the spotlight. 

But it might surprise you to know that Kate has more in common with the paps than you may first have thought. It turns out that Kate actually loves photography as well! 

Kate used to take photographs for her parents business venture (more on that later) and continued her passion for photography after marrying William. In fact, she has shared her own photographs of her children, and they look really professional! 

Does this woman want to calm down and let the rest of us get some of the talent?!

11. She's not *quite* gone from "rags to riches"!

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As previously mentioned, Kate's Mum and Dad worked for an airline. So whilst they certainly weren't poor they wouldn't exactly have been considered royalty. 

However, that all changed when the couple set up a mail-order party goods company. Which isn't exactly what you would imagine being the Kickstarter of a family fortune, but there you have it!

The Middleton's became multi-millionaires from their business and Kate got used to the finer things in life!  

12. Kate had a brief stint in the fashion industry! 

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It's no surprise that the always immaculately dressed Kate used to have a job in the fashion world. 

After graduating Kate found a job as a part-time fashion buyer for Jigsaw in London! A pretty amazing opportunity for a just-graduated gal! 

However, a little under a year into the job things began to "get serious" with a certain Prince and a life of Queenly philanthropy awaited Kate. 

13. She lived with William twice before they were married

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It's not like it used to be, hey?! 

Thankfully, we've moved on from the middle ages and a royal woman can live unchaperoned! While at St Andrews Kate and William were both living in rooms at St. Salvator’s Hall in their first year.

After that year the two moved into a flat which they shared with mutual friends. Imagine the parties they must have had?! 

With a future King of England bunking with you, it would be hard not to feel a bit funny about your dirty dishes in the sink! 

14. Kate's super at scuba diving!

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Yeah. Can she just stop being good at everythingIt's embarrassing for all of us and makes me look really unaccomplished! 

The Duchess has an advanced diving qualification (apparently, she was a bit bored just being a student of Art History, a talented athlete and a freakin' Duchess!) now she can accompany her husband when they go deep sea diving! (because going the cinema is so not Royal darling

It's great that Kate is an adventurous, active royal. Too often royal women are expected to sit still and look pretty, but Kate knows there's more to life than that fate!

15. She loves cooking!

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So the royal family probably just snap their fingers and the exact food they're craving is suddenly magicked up from thin air. 

However, Kate would rather do things her way. Although she's not expected to make meals for her children and husband (no freakin' woman should be by the way, share that duty equally!) Kate is a really keen cook! 

As such she's an expert in the kitchen and is known to enjoy making her own jams to give as gifts! How sweet! 

She's a very special lady...

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Were you surprised by the facts on this list, folks? Has Kate always been your favorite royal, or did you need those 15 things to convince you?! Let me know in the comments and don't forget to share this with all your Kate Middleton fan friends! AAx