15 Funny Pub Signs That Will Make You Stop For A Pint

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1.) It’s official

Yep. In Ireland they don’t use sunblock, they just use pubs instead. It’s just as effective AND you can drink beer safely indoors. Winning!

2.) Sounds about right

Fair enough might be a little bit too salty but I’ll take it. I wonder who the enemies of this pub are?

3.) No one cares about salads

This could not be truer. Salads are limp and boring, curse those perfect people who can actually eat and ENJOY a healthy salad. Bet they don’t have great stories to tell though, so THERE.

4.) Definitely

Hipsters are the coolest people in the world (obviously) and ALWAYS listen to music that you’ve never heard of. Therefore, trees falling that NO ONE hears would be perfect for them, right?

5.) There’s a lot of us

If you hate your job, pubs are great support groups! You will meet many like-minded people, I’m sure.

6.) The perfect solution

A pub that promises to get me drunk is a pub that I will love with all of my heart and soul. This pub is a keeper.

7.) At least they are honest

Yeah, don’t get your hopes up, this pub is promising NOTHING. At least there’s beer though, right? Wait…is this even a pub? Who knows.

8.) Stay safe dudes

It’s safe to eat lots at this pub at no one can kidnap you! Winning!

9.) Best. Menu. Ever.

The potato is unexpected, I would have been fine with the 6 pints but go ahead! I’m sure they will mix well together.

10.) Best daycare ever

This is probably the cheapest, most effective daycare you will ever find for your husband. Book him in today and enjoy a day of activities!

11.) No judgement

Now, this is a place that I will definitely feel at home. My low standards are celebrated here!

12.) Love it!

I was about to get offended, NO BAR DENIES ME. Then, I saw the second line. Bring your women to this bar, dudes!

13.) Delicious

This soup sounds VERY exotic and I’ll order five, thank you. I think it needs a bit of bread with it though, that will need soaking up big time!

14.) Don’t risk it!

Look after yourself, go to the pub for a drink rather than facing the BEARS up ahead. Got to watch your back.

15.) Vodka is a liar

Never trust what vodka tells you. You can’t dance, especially after drinking vodka. Don’t trust her.

Would these signs tempt you in for a drink? At least they try to make their potential customers laugh, whether they give them business or not. Whoever writes these signs is a legend!

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