15 Evil Goats So Tremendously Naughty They Have To Wear Pool Noodles Over Their Horns


1.) Wanted On Charges Of Playing Too Enthusiastically

The internet loves goats! They're goofy, cute, and make weird sounds which can be edited into songs... it's literally the holy trinity of internet fame. 

So as you can imagine, when the internet discovered that naughty goats who headbutt too much are made to wear foam pool noodles on their heads, well, the internet let out a unanimous cheers for these pesky, delinquent goats who refuse to be tamed!

You will find below a list of the 15 'most wanted' goats, wanted for crimes against people's backsides, being too enthusiastic, and for being too hot-damn adorable for this world!

(Source: Reddit)

This adorable goat has to wear the noodles due to being too friendly with his owners who end up getting hurt when he tries to play... he just has so much freakin' love to give... he is too pure for this world.

2.) Work That Noodle!

(Source: Reddit)

Who says you can't be fashionable and practical! This is clearly a goat who takes immense pride in its appearance... heck, it's freaking cleaner than I am!

3.) If You Can't Play Nice... It's Noodle Time For You

(Source: Twitter)

Don't be deceived by that butter wouldn't melt expression! This little fella is pure evil... noodles and all!

4.) 'My Friend’s Goat Earl Has To Wear A Bucket'

(Source: Twitter)

I cannot cope with this one. I don't know whether it's the fact that his name is 'Earl' or the fact that it looks like he's wearing a fez. Either way, they really raised the baaa with this one! A-thankyou!

5.) Goat-fellas

(Source: sadanduseless)

The orange pool noodle is essentially the prison jumpsuit of the goat world! 

6.) Larry The Accidental Criminal

(Source: Twitter)

According to the twitter page who posted this, Larry (and yes, that is his real name and I love it and I want it and I must have this goat) keeps bucking his owners by accident so they were forced to noodle him!

7.) Noodle Substitute 

(Source: Twitter)

In lieu of foam noodles ('cause let's face it, they're not exactly a commonplace item) tennis balls also work. Let me know if you'd like to see them start employing goats instead of ball-boys at Wimbledon! They could even keep the grass nice and short as they chomp their way through it mid-point!

8.) The Look Of Regret

(Source: Reddit)

This little fella kept poking his owner, so he has to wear these stylish tennis balls until he learns that with great horns comes great responsibility!

9.) There's More Than One Way To Noodle A Goat

(Source: sadanduseless)

I guess that works as well? But why would you not use the pre-made holes in the noodle to cover the horns... that's why people use pool noodles in the first place! It looks like even the goat knows how stupid this is!

10.) Do Angry Goats Dream Of Prosthetic Swimming Aids?

(Source: Facebook)

The fact that they've had to tape up the noodles here is a clear indicator that this goat is serious trouble! This is the goat equivalent of the Hannibal Lecter mask!

11.) Criminal Mastermind

(Source: sadanduseless)

Not only is this goat sporting a devious neckerchief, but it also has handmade horn sheaths. This goat is clearly high-up in the baaartel (that's my last baaaa joke I promise).

12.) 'We Made Our Pygmy Goat Nic Cage Kid Friendly This Weekend'

(Source: Imgur)

You did read that right, this goat is called Nic Cage! I don't know whether it's subconscious or not but I can actually see the resemblance, is that just me? I think I need to stop staring at this goat. 

13.) Don't Chew The Noodles

(Source: sadanduseless)

Some goats are smarter than they look and will manage to break free of their noodles, and naturally, as goats do, will proceed to chew them if they do, destroying your only line of defense!

14.) All Hail Baphomet

(Source: sadanduseless)

If you suspect that your goat (or a neighboring goat) may actually be the devil in animal form, be sure to attach tennis balls to the end of his horns rendering him powerless and freakin' adorable in the process.

15.) Acting The Goat

(Source: Reddit)

According to the Reddit poster, this was another goat found guilty of playing too enthusiastically! Truly, we do not deserve these fantastic animals!

So those were 15 devilish goats who were so fiendish that they had to wear pool noodles for their crimes! I freakin' love goats and seeing them wearing these goofy noodles could be my new favorite thing on the internet! Let me know which goat was your favorite or which one you think is the most sinister in the comments below! AAx