15 Hilarious Obvious Rip-offs Of Popular Products

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1.) Michaelsoft Binbows

Okay, this is HILARIOUS. Michaelsoft even sounds exactly like Microsoft and it’s just too good. Binbows is just a complete joke and I love it. Surely this company isn’t actually being serious?!

2.) The clues in the name…

This rip-off of Sony called Fony really gives away their disguise. Who would actually buy a product called Fony?! To be fair, they have really done a good job of copying the original controller.

3.) Sounds hardcore

I’m not going to lie, Mountain Lightning sounds a lot more hardcore than Mountain Dew. I would prefer to drink Mountain Lightning and sound like a boss.

4.) I’ll have a Borio

Borio does not sound like an appetizing food type AT ALL. It’s kind of weird and creepy sounding, like some long-lost Uncle you never knew existed. Even the logo is IDENTICAL to Oreo’s. I will stick with the original thanks.

5.) Red Labial Whiskey

After a few drinks, you wouldn’t actually notice the difference, it’s THAT similar! I wonder if it tastes the same? Probably not as this is an obvious RIP OFF!

6.) Facefood?

This one is just WEIRD. Why name a shop after Facebook? This is the most obvious rip-off ever and I genuinely can not wrap my head around why this is even a thing.

7.) iPhone shoes?

I’m not quite sure why this is a thing and why anybody would ever want to wear these. I doubt Steve Jobs would approve!

8.) X-Boy

Wow, this seems legit…looking for a cheap version of an X-Box to give to someone this Christmas? Look no further, the X-Boy is here to save the day!

9.) Adidos

So close yet so far. This cap isn’t quite up to the standard of the famous brand but would anyone really notice anyway? Just act confident…

10.) Ill-tempered birds

Are these like the polite versions of Angry Birds? Their name is hilarious and honestly, I prefer them to Angry Birds, scandalous, I know.

11.) Pimp

And this guy knows it! I cannot think of a cap that would suit him better. This is awesome and I am going to order one of these RIGHT NOW.

12.) WiWi

Is this the French version of the Wii? Honestly, I am confused.

13.) You get what you pay for

Not willing to splash out on the original Olay shampoo? Then all you’re going to get is OKAY shampoo, what did you expect?

14.) Pant Boy

This name doesn’t carry quite the same meaning as Play Boy but it does the job! Nice sandals, by the way.

15.) Specialman

Specialman, not quite as good as Superman but his mom always told him that he was special and could do anything he wanted. So, he became a cheap Superman knock-off. Make mom proud, buddy!

Next time you are buying something, you might want to appreciate the REAL trademark brands who deliver high-quality products and not these cheap rip-offs.

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