15 Mannequins That Are Hilarious AND Disturbing

15 Mannequins That Are Hilarious AND Disturbing

15 Mannequins That Are Hilarious AND Disturbing

Mannequins have always been mildly disturbing and freaky. I’ve always been convinced that the second you turn your back, they come to life and start plotting various ways to take over the world forever.

Yes, mannequins are useful for showing off what the clothes will look like when they are on but their frozen, awkward poses and vacant stares are nightmare-inducing enough. Mannequins creepy-vibe is probably why people like to have fun with them to make them seem less scary! So, here are the funniest and weirdest mannequins ever, hopefully, they won’t make it into your dreams…

1.) I’m never wearing clothes again.

These mannequins have SEEN things. Either that or they are laughing at their evil plans to take over the world. Honestly, those insane eyes and huge mouth are too much, surely these guys put people off even stepping foot in that shop!

2.) Very French?

These mannequins are just too French to wear berets. No, they EMBRACE the culture and wear BAGUETTES as hats instead. I cannot wrap my head around whether this is a joke or not. It’s simply hilarious. I must say, I do want a baguette hat now, I’m sold.

3.) Obama changed his career path after becoming President

Looks like former President Obama decided to embrace his dream of becoming a youthful mannequin after all. Good on him! Although, his clothes are far too hipster for our taste.

4.) What is THAT

This female mannequin really has had a bad day. Don’t you just hate it when your head is attached to your butt? Such an inconvenience. We hope she is okay.

5.) Someone’s been skipping…arm day?

This guy really needs to hit the gym and start pumping out some bicep curls. Even the woman in the background is laughing at him. Poor guy.

6.) Great advertising!

If you want your child to look as horrified and upset at this mannequin, buy this shirt! We have no idea why you would use a mannequin with that expression to advertise your clothing. Maybe it’s a shop for parents that don’t like their kids…

7.) A happy bride

It’s like she’s thinking, ‘I don’t want to marry him but I want to see what the wedding dress will look like anyway…I regret everything.’ This mannequin makes us sad and I think I’m going to go and hug my mom now.

8.) That’s NOT appropriate

I have no idea what this mannequin is doing with her hand and her expression is really unsettling me. I am very uncomfortable right now.

9.) Who said tan pants couldn’t be sexy?!

I have NO idea why this store thought it was a good idea to dress a male mannequin up in tan pants and a shirt then position him in a way that says, ‘paint me like one of your French girls.’ I am unsettled but also laughing a lot.

10.) Pumped up businessman

This mannequin looks like he is high off, uh, life? Perfect for the businessman who loves getting a little bit WILD. Honestly, I am scared.

11.) At least they know their customers

This mannequin perfectly represented the middle-aged dad with a beer-belly. And that’s exactly what he would wear! At least they’ll really be able to picture what those clothes would look like on them…

12.) She really loves her job

Looking for clothes to perfectly represent how you feel about your soul-crushing job? You’ve come to the right place! Look as down in the dumps as this mannequin does.

13.) Gollum, is that you?

Gollum’s life has really gone downhill once The Lord of The Rings was over. We have no idea how he ended up becoming a mannequin for kids clothes.

14.) His girlfriend left him

This poor mannequin dude looks like he’s just been dumped. You can look like him too if you buy these clothes!

15.) Parents, always come prepared!

If you forget that bottle of formula, you might end up with your little one violating a mannequin. Don’t let this be you!

I hope you find mannequins slightly less terrifying after seeing these hilarious pictures. However, some of these are still pretty terrifying.

Who felt the need to give mannequins faces? It makes them all the more real…

All images used in this article are sourced from Reddit.