15 Men Who Prove That Being A Great Dad Is The Ultimate Sign Of Masculinity

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sacked) editor made a comment saying that men who wear a papoose to carry their child are "emasculating, embarrassing and unnecessary

Of course, plenty of people have had their say on what really defines 'masculinity' and thankfully, most can clearly see that there's nothing emasculating about a man carrying and caring for his child. Including Captain America himself Chris Evans!

So, just in spite of these comments, here's a list of men who are truly masculine because they don't care what societal norms suggest a 'manly' man should look like. And d'you know what? They couldn't be more perfect!


12. Princess dress up? Why not?

Even if it does mean fetching another tutu out of the wardrobe because they only fit around one leg!


11. All ironing experts have to start somewhere

I wish Walt could learn to do this!


10. Complicated hair styles? Pass me the brush

This guy is rocking the cool barber look and his daughter is rocking those plats!


9. Bath time isn't really complete without water absolutely everywhere is it?

I think every parent can relate to this guy...


8. No baby changing table, no problem

Sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do...


7. Lead by example

Forget about the stereotypes, men that can join in with their daughters ballet lessons are the manliest of them all.


6. Patience is a virtue

I wonder how many times he's had to sit and do this with her...


5. Bed time is his favourite time

Ending the day with a bit of Mickey Mouse and your new born child cuddled up close to you, what more could you want?


4. Anyone up for cookies?

A man that bakes = lots of freshly made cakes. Everyone's a winner.


3. Daily duties

Why is it that no matter how hard you try, there's always that one odd sock?


2. Multitasking at its finest

Impressive stuff!


1. Proud to dad


At the end of the day, we all know that a man committed to raising and caring for his kids is masculine, no matter how they choose to carry them. These guys aren't bothered about stereotypes or looking cool, they're just doing what they need to do and they're proud of it. And d'you know what, I think its far more attractive and masculine that way!

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