15+ Of The Most Inventive Clothing Tags You Might Find On Your Outfits

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1.) How did they know?

That’s EXACTLY how I wash my clothes, driving them through puddles and drying on the roof, sometimes I even use mud as soap! I’m so glad I’ve read this handy tag to set me straight. I feel a little silly now…

2.) Against animal testing

Normally, I am against animal testing and don’t buy products that do so. HOWEVER, I am willing to buy into a pair of jeans that were tried on by animals. I keep picturing a horse wearing jeans now and I don’t know why…help?

3.) …Guilty

If I’m honest, I NEVER actually read the cleaning instructions on clothes. I just either throw them all in a quick wash or drag them through puddles as I said before. Why do moms love to understand these symbols? When I have kids will I suddenly be able to read these mysterious symbols? Maybe they are in some secret language?

4.) Thank you, Spencer Hart

What a nice man! I’m slightly concerned that getting his customers laid was what was on his mind when making this suit. At least his intentions were pure. Well, they weren’t really…hopefully some people benefitted from his words of encouragement!

5.) Thanks for reminding me!

Don’t you hate it when you put your kid’s clothes to wash but forget to take your kid out of them? Such a pain! Thankfully, this handy label reminds you to actually remove the kids from the clothes. I’m glad that’s been cleared up.

6.) Lifehack

What’s with these labels telling me how to live? At least while you’re washing your clothes and cleanings on the mind, you won’t forget to spend some extra time to wash your butt. Because that’s clearly a struggle we all have.

7.) Congratulations

Honestly, my day would be made if I found this label. Humans deserve to be congratulated more. I’m impressed you found this label. I’m impressed you remembered the way to work. I’m impressed you ate lunch. I’m impressed you went for a poop. YEAH, YAY FOR HUMANITY!

8.) Sassy label

Don’t you just hate it when even the tags on your clothes roast you? Imagine if you were having a bad day and then this was the last straw. I would curl up into a ball and cry. Not an overreaction at all.

9.) How to use socks: 101

Apparently, we even need instructions on how to use socks now. Slightly concerning that people wear socks on their head and on their…privates? At least these instructions will stop that from ever happening again. Humanity is messed up.

10.) The irony

This label is giving us great life advice and to be honest, I’m LOVING it. The label is like, I’ve made my sacrifice but don’t YOU go down the same dark path that I did. Do this label proud, be unique.

11.) Lucky outfit

If I bought this and the label said that, I would simply HAVE to wear it on every first date or I would be scared of being cursed in some way. I have no idea what the clothing even is but it better be versatile enough to match with ANYTHING.


This is probably the most random thing that I’ve ever seen but I’m living for it! Yes, you can dance if you want to, especially if this label tells you so. I love how it randomly says that line then carries on with instructions as though nothing happened. I wonder if an employee snuck that line in with no one noticing…

13.) That’s handy

Ever been in a situation when you and your friends desperately need to make salad dressing and no one knows how until that one friend pulls out her clothing tag and tells you? Be THAT girl. Be the salad-dressing-recipe-in-her-clothes girl.

14.) RUDE

These clothing tags have got an ATTITUDE. I don’t know who hurt this one but clearly, they are dragging the rest of us down with them. I WILL try on a small and it won’t be funny. At all.

15.) That’s better

See, this is what clothing tags SHOULD be like. Lifting us up with encouragement and making us feel amazing. Positive clothing tags for President!

16.) Who would DO that

Someone who would slap a panda is the epitome of pure evil. Pandas are fat, cuddly, cute creatures of love and joy. We love how they have included a little picture of a slapped panda along with the other mysterious symbols. I hope they didn’t include this because they know someone who actually DID slap a panda.

17.) Don’t be THAT guy

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. It’s always pretty awkward when everyone is fully clothed as it really isn’t that hot and there’s that ONE guy who is topless. He is always INCREDIBLY hairy too. It’s the worst when they walk around INDOORS like that too. You are in an enclosed space with sweaty chest hair.

18.) Some friendly advice

I can’t relate but I cannot imagine anything more painful than zipping your special part inside a zip. Ouch. At least this cute little message reminds you to take extra special care. Sweet!

Have you found any delightfully funny labels inside your clothes? Let us know in the comments!

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