15 Of The Most Stupidly Ridiculous Things Kids Have Ever Cried About

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Let's be real for a second; kids cry. Like, they cry A LOT. And half the time, they're crying about nothing. NOTHING. Well... okay, so they're probably crying about something... but I can promise you that that something is nothing to cry about.

Nobody knows this better than a parent, but if you happen to not be a parent or are planning to become one pretty soon and are blissfully ignorant to all this, well, here I come to burst that bubble of yours.

Below is a collection of some of the most ri-dic-u-lous reasons kids cried, and I have to admit, it's pretty freakin' hilarious.


1. But I don't WANNA wear pants.

In all fairness to this little one, I pretty much have the exact same reaction when anybody tells ME I have to put pants on too. 100% relatable.



Maybe the little guy was just trying to select a channel via taste? I hear that's a thing for some people. I mean, not anybody I know, because tbh if they select tv channels by tasting their remote control I do not want to know them.

3. How DARE you.

everyone knows that if someone offers you a bite of their food, they are only doing out of politeness... under NO circumstances should you actually


4. I don't CARE If you've peed on it!!

Maybe he isn't crying because he wasn't able to eat the pregnancy test... maybe he's crying because he's realized the fact that his Mom is taking a pregnancy test means he may not be an only child for too much longer?


5. What WAS that!?

I feel this on a deeper level. Sometimes the things that emit from my body are so scary they make me want to cry too. Don't worry little one, you are not alone!


6. This is NOT what I wanted.

Yeah... no, sorry, can't justify this one. At this point, I'd probably give up and open that bottle of wine I've been saving for emergencies. And then make sure I was up to date with my birth control.


7. I wanna do it AGAIN.

I... I have no words. Usually, I cry because I HAVE to get dressed, not because I did get dressed and forgot about it. Although that does happen sometimes too.


8. But I wanna PLAY WITH IT!

Okay yeah, good call on this one. Although maybe you should start saving up for therapy like, now.

9. WALK? Are you CRAZY?




Wow turns out I have a lot more in common with kids than I originally thought. Very relatable reaction.

10. I just feel like crying tbh.

See? Even when absolutely nothing is wrong and you do everything your kid asks of you... you still lose.

11. But I wanna be pretty TOO.

Just give it a few years and she'll realize why her Mom was also crying when she found her like this. That stuff is expensive as hell.


12. But I wanna see!

Maybe he just wanted to perfect his technique? Gonna have to potty train that thing one day right? So selfish.

13. I wanna try!

HAHAHA. Brushing your teeth with wine? This kid is already one step ahead of Kesha. May want to keep an eye on that habit in the future, however.

14. They were so RUDE!

I may have just left her there in the street, to be honest. I have no time to explain all the reasons why getting a wave back would just not be possible in a hundred million years. And then I'd spend the day thinking about how I wish I was on that plane.


15. But I want MOMMA to do it!

Look, Dads, sometimes it's just not your night. Don't worry, you're time will come... mostly around the time they want to learn to drive or start drinking beer at an early age. You're welcome!


So there you have it! Do you have any of your own stories about your kids breaking down over absolutely nothing? If so share them with me in the comments! I'd love to hear them so i can feel even more smug about being child-free.

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