17 Photos That Prove Prince Harry Is The Smoothest Gentleman Out There 


1.) A Harry In Uniform

Prince Harry has long held a special place in our hearts; from his younger, wilder years to the gushing father he's become. One constant throughout his time in the public eye is that he's always cut a dashing figure. 

So here, for your viewing ease, pleasure, and convenience I have gathered together 17 of my favorite photos of Prince Harry proving he's smoother than low-fat high protein cottage cheese, and they're just as good for your health too. 

(Source: Instagram)

People are always saying to me, 'you can't beat a man in uniform!' And I can't find another photo which does this statement more justice! He's looking smoother than a silk rendering of Cary Grant's smile.

2.) Gushing Father

(Source: Instagram)

While promoting the Invictus Games last week, Harry was presented with this adorable baby grow for little Earl Archie, and his emphatic reaction melted my heart like a Barbie in a microwave.

3.) #RoyaltyGoals

(Source: Instagram)

It's hard to stand out when you're next to that glittery number that Meghan is wearing here, but Harry manages it with simple royal elegance and a Daniel Craig Bond-esque hand at the jacket. Also,  something I've always wondered, why is everyone in the background of this photo staring ardently at the floor? 

4.) I Like To Ride My Bicycle

(Source: Instagram)

A bicycle with a basket on the front is a powerful look that very few people can pull off (and one that makes me look about a hundred years older than I already am); yet, Harry manages it effortlessly! He's not even looking red-faced or out of breath! That's royalty for ya!

5.) Bat Out Of Berkshire

(Source: Instagram)

Here Harry is promoting the Invictus games at a gala performance of Bat out of Hell - and he's doing it while looking smoother than extra smooth peanut butter smeared over a crushed velvet Armani three-piece suit.

6.) Keepy-Ups With The Sussex's

(Source: Daily Express)

Keepy-ups look hard enough (I'd try them but I'm too busy not doing physical activity thanks) as it is, never mind doing them in a blazer and shirt! 

7.) Howzat?! 

(Source: ABC)

I've heard they shout that in cricket, can't say it's my game though, anything where they stop for tea isn't really the 'sport' for me. Still though, he manages to look slicker than an oiled up banana skin on an ice-rink.

8.) Honeymooning

(Source: Brides)

This photo looks like it could be taken out of a mid-1900's Clark Gable flick! You could leave me in a salon for a whole day and I wouldn't be able to put this look together!

9.) They See Me Strolling 

(Source:Vanity Fair)

Another instance of the Prince engaging in physical activities yet looking less knackered and bedraggled than I could ever hope to! That popped open dark shirt look is smoother than Courtney Cox's face after a recent round of botox.

10.) The Human Parasol 

(Source: Instagram)

When you forget your sunglasses but it's okay 'cause you have an actual prince to shield your eyes from the sun. Why do all the best things happen to babies!? When I'm struggling to read a restaurant menu as I've left my reading glasses at home I don't see hordes of royals rushing to my aid with a magnifying glass!

11.) Fairytale Husband 

(Source: Instagram)

Would you just look at him there! What you can't actually see in this photo is me clinging desperately to the back of Meghan's train... he still won't return my calls.

12.) The Stag Do

(Source: Instagram)

From the night before the wedding, Harry and his best man William cut a fine figure greeting the crowds by Windsor Castle. The pair are both looking smooth but Harry, in particular, looks suaver than a book of Italian poetry reciting itself while having its pages drizzled in melted fair-trade white chocolate. 

13.) Okay, It's Another Wedding One But Bear With Me

(Source: Instagram)

I mean, how could I not put this one in as well, the arch was one of my favorite features of the wedding and Harry is still looking more debonair than (get ready for this one) the spirit of Oscar Wilde smoking his way through a pack of Marlboro Golds, realising they're bad for you, quitting effortlessly, and then writing an epic poem while lounging on the banks of the French Riviera.

14.) Instagrammable 

(Source: Instagram)

Harry proved himself more than a match for Instagram's 'celebrities' when his and Meghan's own profile managed to break a Guinness world record by gaining over 6 million followers in just 6 hours! This beat the previous record by over 5 hours! And why wouldn't it, look how slick the pair look here, they're slicker than a buttered kipper.

15.) International Man Of Mystery

(Source: Instagram)

Everyone looks good in a tuxedo and Prince Harry is absolutely no exception. In fact, I'd even go so far to say that he looks so charming that he could make his way into any Disney film imaginable with no trouble!

16.) Serious Face 

(Source: Instagram)

Harry has always shown himself to be great with kids, and this is the photo that I think easily proves this! I can't wait until we start getting more photos of him with little Archie!

17.) Seal Of Approval

(Source: Instagram)

To wrap things up, here is a photo of Harry sporting a bracelet made for him by Joshua which he wore for the Well Child Awards! With that knitted tie he also looks more dashing than me when I realize it's happy hour at the bar at the end of the street! 

So those were 17 of the times that Harry proved himself to be more smooth than whipped cream on a chocolate mousse pudding. Which ones were your favorite? Let me know in the comments below! AAx