15 Photos That Show The Freezing Struggles Of Winter

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1.) Get that frozen winter hair

This woman was basking in some hot springs for 15 minutes. The temperatures outside the water were −20ºF and THIS is what happened to her hair. I’m so confused how this is even possible and I’m slightly scared.

2.) Nope, too cold and snowy

This is the path a dog made as soon as he realized how cold it was outside. That is literally me, NOPE far too cold.


This cat is the DEFINITION of freezing. Just the expression is enough to melt my heart and open the door. Winter is RUTHLESS, I tell you.

4.) Nature’s art

One cool thing about winter in the snazzy ice-art that nature decides to make on our cars. It’s pretty initially until you realize that it’s going to take ages to clear your windows and you’re going to be late for work.

5.) At least no one can steal your car

Now, this is just…INTENSE. I don’t even understand how ice can get this thick. All I know it that no thieves can drive away with this car and neither can its owner!

6.) Winter takes no prisoners

This is terrifying. If this car drove anywhere near me, I would scream. It’s like a winter death machine and it means business.

7.) Even the ghosts have frozen

Winter is so cold that even ghosts, that are already cold, freeze. Someone please just let this poor ghost in!

8.) Well, at least his wiper blades were up

At least this guy can identify where his car is. It’s just a shame that he would have to dig for literally HOURS to find it. Not worth it buddy, just go home.

9.) The sauce is trying to escape

Where is this sauce going? No one knows. Why has it frozen like that? Winter. Is life fair? No.

10.) When your pants don’t need you anymore

I have no idea what is going on here or how this even happened. All I know is that these are independent pants that don’t need no legs to stand on its own two feet. I must say, I’m proud.

11.) Now THAT’S cold

This guy’s work bathroom is so cold that even the toilet water froze. This raises a lot of questions and really piques my curiosity. What would happen if you tried to flush it? What if you did a number 2? Would your pee melt the ice? These are questions I never thought I would ask.

12.) Don’t drink soda in the winter

This person definitely learnt some lessons from this. Bringing soda to the game in the middle of winter is bad news. Who drinks cold soda outside in the winter anyway?! What a madman.

13.) When you are motivated

This guy has to be one of the most dedicated humans ever to exist. He WILL clear that entire roof of snow if it’s the last thing he does!

14.) Don’t go ice surfing in the winter

That just looks…PAINFUL. I have no idea how this guy even managed to get THIS iced up but he definitely achieved it. I’m just scared that his eyes might freeze or something…

15.) Swedish winters took the cat by surprise

This poor cat looks horrified at what a TRUE winter is like. I just want to cuddle her up and tell her that it’s going to be all okay…

So, I hope that made you feel better that your winter isn’t that cold and if it is, at least you aren’t alone! How do you survive the cold at winter? I just stay indoors and avoid looking at the outside world, that usually works.

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