15 Reasons Seinfeld's George Costanza Is An Inspiration To Us All

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But for those only just growing up at the time, despite binging on the popular sitcom almost every day, many people won't have understood a lot of the innuendos and references (although I have to admit The Contest DID go over my head). While each character had their own quirks and personality, the  jewell in the crown for avid followers was George Costanza. As a loveable loser, who never shied away from just saying it like it is (even if it means belittling his own life in the process), we all fell in love with George a little bit. And frankly, we can all learn a lot from his teachings.


1. You’ve got to make every day feel like it’s worth something, even if it’s not

I mean, the only reason I get out of bed is to get the daily news


2. Despite your desire to be left alone, you always have a sneaking suspicion people are talking behind your back

I’m much more comfortable criticizing people behind their backs

3. Honest is always the best policy

Especially if it’s the opposite of what you’d normally do

4. There’s always time for a nap

Might I suggest making a cool nap fort underneath your desk?

5. Be comfortable in your own skin

It’s a pleasure

6. Have just enough faith in yourself to know that there must be something that you can contribute to society

I like sports, maybe there’s something I can do in that? You know, I’m always making those great comments during baseball games

7. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends your ideas. They might not be perfect, but there’s always room for improvement

And remember, it’s not a lie if you truly believe it

8. Don’t be afraid to give people your honest opinion

They’ll appreciate the effort…

9. Women like a man with confidence

If every instinct you have is wrong, the opposite has to be right


10. Don’t question why you do the things you do

It’s simply science

11. You have to be adaptable in the workplace for others to be able to understand you

And always know where the bathroom is.

12. Take time to self-reflect

Serenity now!

13. Being a great employee isn’t the only way to stay employed

If you look angry all the time, people thing you’re busy

14. You’ve got to know your place on this planet

And never cheap out on envelopes. Lesson learned

15. Don’t be afraid to accept your fate

Just consider being alone as ‘The Summer Of George’

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