15 Strangers Reveal The Most Memorable "Last Words" They Ever Heard


I'm old enough to know, death is a part of life. Upsetting as it is, it puts things into perspective and reminds us to seize the day, be grateful for what we have and to tell those who we love that we love them.

So brace yourself to feel pretty emotional (on a lot of different levels!) as I walk you through some of the most poignant final words hospital workers ever witnessed. These experiences were shared on Reddit, be warned, some of these stories are very upsetting with some bad language, involving death and terminal illness.

Ready? Let's go;

1. Stupid questions...

I thought we'd kick off with something as much on the light side as possible! Hopefully, the pain wasn't too much by the end... We're sure the doctors did everything in their power to make this person comfortable.

2. F**k cancer

3. The big reveal...

Wow... the things that come out during challenging times, right?! At least she knew about it. No secrets between this couple...

4. The long story short

5. The sixth sense...

6. In a blaze of glory!

7. Told you I was ill...

8. Speaking too soon...

9. Love you 'til the end

9. Love you 'til the end

10. Those three words

11. Gratitude

12. Gone too soon

13. No holding back

14. Going home

15. See you soon, Sally

15. See you soon, Sally

I'm sending all my love to those of you who heard a loved one's last words, I am sure they appreciated it more than we can imagine and are watching over you with love.

What do you hope your last words will be? I know I just want to tell the people who matter most that I love them. Let me know in the comments and remember to seize the day while you can! AAx