20 Stupidest News Headlines You Won't Believe Actually Made It To Print


1.) Wayne Hansen, Bug Journalist Extraordinaire 

We put a lot of trust in news outlets to give us honest, reliable information about the world. However, in a world of increasing online media outlets, it is more important than ever to make sure that what you are reading is properly sourced, fact-checked, and... well, spell-checked! 

Sometimes though, people who have spent so long writing something cannot see the glaringly obvious blunder right in front of their eyes, and other times they simply haven't checked what they've written thoroughly enouhg (that was deliberate, see, I'm being funny and such).

Well, here are 20 headlines so eye-popping-ly stupid that you won't believe they actually made it to print or on air! Warning, immense stupidity ahead...

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Now, I'm by no means an expert in anything to do with bugs, but I think that I could maybe have gotten to this conclusion by myself!

2.) Well, That Explains It...

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I mean, how does no one read that back and think, 'y'know what, I think there's a better way of phrasing what we're trying to say...' Although, what on Earth are they trying to say here? Surely this can't be the sum total of this news story, or did someone in the Fox office just look up and think, 'F*ck, that looks a bit toasty up there! Wonder if anyone else has seen that?'

3.) Laxative Lagoon

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Would love to meet the so-called 'Health Official' who made this shocking discovery, just to ask him about the day that this dawned upon him and what it was that lead him to this medical breakthrough... I can't imagine it was anything good though, for him or the people near him!

At least now they know for the future I guess!

4.) Sounds Painful

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Reading things back to yourself aloud, slowly and carefully can be a very useful editing technique as you can pick up on things that you otherwise may have missed... such as any insinuations of todgers, sore or otherwise, in your writing.

5.) Glad I wasn't Involved In That Study

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That must have been one heck of a study! But at least nowadays they do them slowly as opposed to how they used to do them - with three doctors stood on the opposite side of the room to the patient, cameras in hand before suddenly shouting, 'CHAAARRRGGGGEEE!'

6.) To Death You Say?! 

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This smacks very much of a news station who has very little information to go on and they've said, 'It can't just say "man killed" you'll have to try and pad it out a bit!' 

7.) I Knew It!

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I guess that explains it, I simply had no idea! Somebody nominate these researchers for a Nobel Prize! Now all I need to do is stop overeating... not that that's the hard part or anything.

8.) 'Exclusive To All Newspapers'

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I think they're playing fast and loose with the term 'Exclusive' here. If that's how exclusive stories work then I have an exclusive story: 'All people are alive until they aren't!' Doesn't quite have the same ring though really does it?

9.) In Other News: The Sky Is Blue!

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This is clearly someone who's just watched Chernobyl! (I know this article is from 2006 but I'm trying to be trendy and talk about the newest show everyone's raving about as I never watched Game of Thrones and felt like I was missing out a lot of the time)

10.) *Insert Title

(Source: reddit)

*Think of snappy comment about the lazy, bonehead writer or editor who let this go to publish, 12pt text

11.) What Did They Expect To Find? 

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Now I know there's probably more to the intricacies of this story but from the headline all I can picture is this:

Federal Agent: 'Sooo, what're you doing with all these weapons eh?'

Owner: 'This... this is a gun shop...'

Federal Agent (high fiving other agent): 'Aha! Gotcha, take 'em away boys!'

12.) Slow News Day

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You'd half expect them after this story to just cut back to the studio and for the presenter to go, 'yep, well that's all of the news we've got for you sadly, literally everything else on the planet has been covered.'

13.) Have You Got The Latest Issue Of Marijuana Monthly?

(Source: mediarelations)

Were they stoned when they wrote this?

14.) Understatement Of The Century 

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The expression on his face looks like he's just looked down and actually read that description. Imagine devoting your whole life to a sport and rising to be one of the greatest names in the sport only for that to be the description you get given on television, it'd take the wind out of your sails a bit you'd imagine!

15.) Give Yourself A Round Of Applause 

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 I refuse to believe that Jay Cronley didn't know exactly what he was doing with this headline, just look at the little grin on his face in the header! He knows full well what he's done!

16.) Your Sea-crets Safe With Me (Wink)

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In fairness, it's the last place anyone would think to look for a hidden submarine! Everyone would be looking too much into it that they'd never think to look in the ocean... genius!

17.) Is This A Weird Metaphor For Global Warming?

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This is especially true if the air conditioner breaks down and burst into flames... trust me, that will heat up a room very quickly.

18.) Phrasing Is Key

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The councilwoman who made the accusation was actually called Laura Chick... but my God, how would you not read that back and see what's going on there?

19.) It's About Time...

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Is there like a place I can sign up for this 'more money' anywhere? I mean it's a suitably vague headline so I thought it worthwhile to check just in case.

20.) You Sure About That?

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I'd really like to see the figures supporting that, for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Maybe they just thought no one would notice and then they could save a load of space on the headline... I severely hope that was the case as the alternatives are pretty grim.

So those were 20 of the most idiotic and hilarious news headlines that actually made it to print! Let me know which one was your favourite in the comments below!