15 Things That Are Normal In China But Absolutely Mind Bogglingly Weird Everywhere Else In The World

15 Things That Are Normal In China But Absolutely Mind Bogglingly Weird Everywhere Else In The World

15 Things That Are Normal In China But Absolutely Mind Bogglingly Weird Everywhere Else In The World

    China is one of the most prominent and important countries in the world. However, there are many things in the country that we still don’t understand to this day…

    If you haven’t been to China, these facts and common practises may seem more than a little strange to you and it’s pretty easy to see why the West is so confused by China…

    So, if you want to hear about the most randomly odd things in China, you’ve come to the right place!

    1.) Pale facial skin is super important in China

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    In China, pale facial skin is considered incredibly beautiful, with many of their popstars boasting skin that looks almost corpse-pale, sickly and as if they have never seen the sun. This obsession has been around since history began and so many Chinese people wear these somewhat scary face masks when out in the sun.

    2.) Public bathrooms have flat-screen TVs

    (Image Credit: AFP / Eastnews)

    Public restrooms in China may not have what we consider to be “regular” toilets but they do have the best TVs on the market! Why? No idea, I guess they must really like watching TV…

    3.) You can rent a boyfriend or girlfriend

    (Image Credit: vaibhavk91 / Reddit)

    Okay, this service sounds a lot shadier than it actually is…the main concept of renting a boyfriend or girlfriend in China is to calm down relatives that keep bugging you about it. I definitely needed this when I was younger and maybe now too…I’m getting sick of my husband!

    4.) Spitting and burping in public is widely accepted and considered polite

    I have no idea why spitting and burping are polite in China but apparently, it is! Only in some places though, other places often have signs that say “no spitting”, so it must be a really common thing over there!

    5.) Tipping in China is considered insulting and weird

    Tipping at restaurants and bars in China is very inappropriate, you will insult whoever served you and everyone will think that you are crazy. So, you might want to avoid doing that…


    6.) Wealthy people in China can hire someone to carry out their prison sentence

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    Yeah, this really is a thing. The practice is called “ding zui” which basically means hiring someone to serve your prison sentence. I’m not sure how I feel about this one…

    7.) New houses in China are sold without windows

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    Imagine moving into a new house, buying all of your furniture, thinking that you were all organized and then suddenly realized that you forgot to buy WINDOWS. This just seems so impractical, why not just sell houses with windows included?

    8.) There’s no bathtubs or showers in bathrooms

    (Image Credit: Reddit)

    This one seriously stresses me out. There are no bathtubs or showers in bathrooms, the water just flows directly onto the floor. How is this hygienic?! I don’t understand…


    9.) The Chinese drink mostly hot water

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    In China, they believe that hot water contains multiple healing properties which is why they rarely drink cold water! Drinking hot water on its own sounds a little strange to me.

    10.) China is known for its health, especially with diet water!

    (Image Credit: 1leggeddog / Reddit)

    Wow, here’s me thinking that water was healthy enough as it is but apparently not…we must consume diet water only! I wonder what the difference is…is it clearer? Warmer? I have so many questions!

    11.) Meat and candy go together in China

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    So, in China, for some reason, they like to mix beef with candy. This upsets me more than I will ever be able to explain but that’s okay, each to their own I guess…


    12.) Don’t chop pears in half in China

    (Image Credit: The Independent)

    Pears are considered a symbol of friendship in China and it is extremely rude and even hostile to chop one in half…you heard it here first folks, don’t go chopping pears in half!

    13.) Fuel yourself AND your technology

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    I have no idea why but in China they sell sets of chocolate bars and batteries because I guess both you and your devices need refuelling at the same time? Do Chinese people time their hunger for when their devices need new batteries? This is just such a random concept!

    14.) Eating out is common as it’s cheaper than having guests over

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    Eating out in China is much more common than in the West as they see it as cheaper than inviting a large group over for dinner. I wish we did that more over here!


    15.) Chinese people often nap after lunch

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    In China, it is encouraged that workers have a nap after lunch, wherever they want, even in public! I am very jealous as many of us suffer from the post-lunch slump at work and a nap would seriously be a game changer…

    China certainly has some strange traditions. Which one shocked you the most? Are they any you wish we could adopt over here?! Let me know in the comments! AAx