15 Times That Climate Change Deniers Got Destroyed On Social Media

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1. Over-qualified

I mean, as much as I'd like to take the word of someone who calls themselves RAT, I think I kinda have to give way to the person with a PhD in astrophysics - at least when it comes to matters of science.

2. Fake news,  folks...

Being the President of the United States of America does not excuse you from getting your ass handed to you by someone over half-a-century your junior. Sad!

3. A Titanic misunderstanding

Oh yeah, global warming is a subject that Trump has tweeted about a LOT. When it comes the responses, sometimes, a meme says more than words ever could.

4. From East to West, clapbacks are the best

Part 3 of the trilogy here, this time with a more personal (yet still scientific) burn. Are you getting the idea yet, President Trump?

5. Those in glass houses...

Don't for a moment think that we'd just focus on the anti-Trump tweets. Folks on the other side of the aisle have a lot to answer for as well, as brilliantly pointed out in this tweet from Adam Johnson.

6. Dictionary definition

It must be really annoying when you get shut down by a dictionary on Twitter. I mean, what can you really say in response?!

7. Donald, revisited

I don't want you guys to accuse me of Trump-bashing, but like I said, he tweets about global warming an awful lot, and gets smacked down with knowledge just as often. He is the most famous person on Earth, after all!

8. A strong rebuttal

There is certainly an argument to be had that some politicians exploit the subject of climate change for personal or political gain. However, to deny that climate change is happening is just bogus.

9. Gunning for an argument

I don't know if it's fair to call Kaitlin a 'bad person' if they don't know her, but I certainly enjoyed the detailed explanation of how it is possible to have snowy weather AND an overall trend of warming temperatures.

10. A new hope

This is quite something. Isn't it great that we in the free world can speak truth to power? This young lady is a beacon of hope for the new generation coming through.

11. Prepare to joust

It seems like both of these internet users feel like the science is on their side. I wish I had a link to the full exchange, I'm sure it was a fascinating debate!

12. The land down under

The original poster didn't have much of an argument to begin with, but that sarcastic reply destroyed any hope they had of winning the argument.

13. Trumped one last time

Lat one about Trump, we promise. How often do you think President Trump reads non-fiction books like these? In his defense, I don't have time to read, and I'm a lowly cashier, not the leader of the free world.

14. It was written

Whether or not you are a fan of AOC, you have to admire the way she flipped this back on them. Not the first person you might expect to be quoting scripture, but people can surprise you!

15. I thought you'd never ask

...I don't think that was quite as 'fun as you'd hoped it would be, Lorrie.

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