15 Unpopular Opinions That Will Either Make You Laugh Or Cry

These unpopular opinions on the general public’s widely held opinions are guaranteed to make you laugh. Some are completely outrageous whilst others are actually quite understandable and we actually agree with some!

Whatever happens, these unpopular opinions will definitely tickle your funny bone!

1.) Ooh she went THERE

unpopular 1
I don’t know how to feel about this as I’ve always loved Friends. However, I haven’t watched it for years so maybe my opinion will change now…she’s ruined Friends forever!

2.) That’s a unique opinion

unpopular 2
Um, I actually had to Google who the Cheetah Girls were, this is a very obscure opinion but we’re here for it! Each to their own, they clearly have a passion for the Cheetah Girls.

3.) Is he okay?

unpopular 3
This guy better be trolling, if not, he ought to be afraid to show his face in public. This unpopular opinion is just WRONG.

4.) This is actually true

unpopular 4
We are going to have to agree with this one…iPhones are way overrated and Android honestly is SO MUCH better! Now, stop shaming us for having better taste than you, at least we aren’t a SHEEP.

5.) Do you not value HAPPINESS?!

unpopular 5
Sprinkles are happy, colourful droplets of joy. Don’t ever bash sprinkles again.

6.) Debatable…

unpopular 6
Who doesn’t love a good remake?! Yes, the 90s was a wonderful time but the millennials need to experience its wonder!

7.) Okay then…

unpopular 7
This guy has strong opinions and we aren’t about to question him.

8.) That’s so WRONG

unpopular 8
This woman needs to rethink her life choices. That’s the worst cookie flavour.

9.) Is she okay?

unpopular 9
I wouldn’t describe chocolate as a flavour but okay. Someone has clearly hurt her and she’s not over it.

10.) We will agree with you there

unpopular 10
Eggnog probably makes white people’s top 3 inventions.

11.) That was brave

unpopular 11
We are a bit on the fence about this opinion but we know many would fight for Sonic’s rights. Brace yourself, lady.

12.) Louder for those at the back!

unpopular 12
We completely agree with this one, no idea why people were raving so much about something so AVERAGE.

13.) Controversial but okay

unpopular 13
This is slightly over dramatic and completely wrong but we are totally okay with it, okay? OKAY?!

14.) True

unpopular 14

How do they get that crunch?! Although, Wendy’s fangirl above may have a few words to say to you, McDonald’s nugget crunch fan.

15.) Maybe but why be so mean?

unpopular 15
No, cheese isn’t NECESSARY but it improves anything and everything so why leave it out?!