15 Ways Meghan Markle Is Trying To Bring Hollywood Into The Royal Household


The Royals are the definition of British manners and sensibility. So it's refreshing to see a glimmer of Hollywood in amongst the more traditional aesthetic.

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The royal family not only embody a sense of British tradition in terms of their mere existence, but in their dress, demeanor, and general lifestyle. And yet, despite quickly embracing this lifestyle, Meghan Markle retains a few bastions of the Hollywood glamour that the rest of her new family don't quite share.

So without further ado, here are 15 ways that Meghan Markle is low-key making royalty more suited for Hollywood scale silver-screens.

1.) Her Dress Sense

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Meghan's outfit choices are slick as hell if nothing else! But one trend in particular, yes I'm talking about the pantsuits, is very much against the royal grain. Royals would be typically advised to wear more outwardly feminine outfits that would move away from anything resembling androgyny. There have in fact been several articles recently covering Meghan's wardrobe controversy.

2.) Instagram Obsession

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Instagram is populated with celebrities keeping you updated about what low-fat vegan-friendly responsibly-sourced gold-plated saffron-infused items of superficial wealth they are about to consume to become stronger in the eyes of the public; however, about a year after Meghan deactivated her own Instagram, she is finally back on the platform with username @sussexroyal which reportedly broke records upon its creation.

3.) How She Sits, Yes I'm Being Serious

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Now, this may seem a little twitchy-eyed insane; however, with absolutely everything being scrutinized as a member of the royal family, even Meghan's sitting position came under fire for being not in typical keeping with the royal way!

4.) Gender Neutral Baby Room

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With quite a splash of publicity, the news that Harry and Meghan may raise their baby as 'Gender-fluid' received quite a lot of traction and responses. The decision is definitely more in keeping with Hollywood than the royal family - but hey, it's their baby. they should be allowed to raise it however they freakin' want!

5.) Her Political Views

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Meghan has never been shy about her being a strong feminist! However, the royal family are typically meant to steer clear of political issues for a plethora of reasons - quite frankly though if she wants to advocate feminism from such a powerful platform, freakin' let her!

6.) Her Extra Baby-Shower Party In New York

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In keeping with Hollywood trendsetters, Meghan threw a completely over-the-top baby shower which had a guest list full of more who's whos than the town of Whoville - does anyone get that reference?

7.) Baby Veganism

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Yet again, Meghan received a tonne of social media attention when a story leaked that they may be considering raising the baby as a vegan, a life choice very in-keeping with Hollywood A-listers at present.

8.) She's Officially Hollywood Royalty

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I mean, if the self-made Queen of America supports you so much as to take a picture such as this, that's pretty Hollywood - I wish Beyonce and Jay-Z would hang an oil-painting of me in their house!

9.) Just Glitter Innit

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Funnily enough, glitter isn't exactly a common style choice favored by the royals, but, I mean c'mon who doesn't love a bit of glitter?!

10.) Natural Birth

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Along with the rumors of veganism and raising the baby gender-fluid, Meghan is reportedly going to be having a natural birth, definitely more California than Cumbria - I know they don't live in Cumbria but it's pretty close geographically so there... I think... geography isn't my strong suit.

11.) How She Is With The Public

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Most members of the royal family were either born into royalty and therefore have been brought up to interact with the public in a specific way, or alternatively (such as in Kate Middleton's case) they have not had much experience of being so constantly in the public eye before their life as a member of the royal family. However, Hollywood celebrities have a much more intimate relationship with their fans, and as a successful actor, Meghan always seems to interact with the public much more freely and openly than other members of the family.

12.) Avocado-Advocate

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Not only did Meghan serve the most hipster-friendly and trendy food on the planet at a tea party, but it was then posted about on Instagram. Posting your avocado on toast on Instagram could be the most painfully L.A thing I've seen for a long time! I'm only annoyed 'cause I'm sat here with my peanut butter and jelly on the cheapest white bread money can buy, 'cause I'm just that classy, watch out Meghan.

13.) Dark Nail Polish

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I wasn't kidding about everything being under scrutiny! Royals do not favor darker colors for nail polish, but again, she's rocking it so why shouldn't she wear it?!

14.) Taking A Private Plane Home From A Party

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While Royals tend to opt for more low-key opulence, Meghan went full Hollywood when she took a $250,000 private jet back from her insane baby-shower! Think about it though, it'd take ages in a horse and carriage!

15.) Maybe Being A Bit Of A Diva

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So those were the 15 times that Meghan was more A list Hollywood than traditional princess, do you approve of her keeping elements of her Hollywood lifestyle or do you think she should tow the royal line? AAx