16 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Making Of Home Alone

1. Joe Pesci didn’t interact with Macaulay outside of filming

Pesci, who played Harry in the film, is a method actor. He tried his best to avoid young Culkin in their breaks on set because he wanted him to believe that he really was mean and scary.

2. The directors biggest fear was having his house broken in to.

As a child, Chris Columbus’ greatest fear was being burgled, which is why he wanted to make the movie so badly.

3. The iconic ‘filthy animal’ catchphrase was made up especially for the film.

The clips shown from the movie Kevin was watching, called Angels With Filthy Souls, were made specially for the filming of Home Alone.

4. Buzz’s girlfriend was actually a boy!

Columbus didn’t want to make fun of a girl’s appearance, and so instead he dressed up the art director’s son in a blonde wig and put it in a frame!

5. Macaulay still calls Catherine O’Hara ‘Mom’.

In 2014, the actress who played Kate McCallister, Kevin’s mom, revealed that Culkin would still call her ‘mom’ – how cute!

6. John Candy improvised all of his lines.

The guy who played Gus Polinski (the leading member of the travelling polka band) improved all of his scenes – which must mean that O’Hara had to just go with the flow too!

7. Pesci actually bit Macaulay.

Culkin later said: “During the rehearsal he actually bit me. He broke the skin and everything! I still have the scar.”

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8. Daniel Stern (Marv) wore rubber feet.

During all of his barefoot scenes, the actor wore fake feet! And for a bonus fact – the ornaments he stepped on were actually made out of candy.

9. The McCallister house sold for $1.585 million back in 2012.

It was owned by John and Cynthia Abendshien in Chicago, and is still a popular tourist attraction.

10. Columbus wrote the role of Kevin with Macaulay Culkin in mind.

Although he did fairly audition more than 200 other kids for the role, Columbus knew from the start that Culkin was perfect for the role.

11. Megan, one of the siblings, became the Judo Junior World Champion in 1994.

Hilary Wolf went on to compete for the United States in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics.

12. Macaulay did his fair share of improvisation work, too.

Another iconic line, “Do you guys give up, or are you thirsty for more?” was completely made up on the spot.

13. Pesci and Stern actually knew each other before Home Alone, working together on a 1982 film they were both cut out of.

Which probably explains who they pulled off such a dynamic duo.

14. Kevin’s little cousin was Macaulay’s little brother.

Kieran Culkin played Fuller, the bed wetter…

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15. There’s even an Elvis Presley related conspiracy about the film.

There’s rumours that Presley was alive during the filming of Home Alone, and appeared as a man with a beard in the airport.

16. Some people said Stern had to fake the scream in the tarantula scene and then record the sound effect afterwards.

They said it was so that he didn’t scare the tarantula, but it turns out that Stern posted on Facebook that he did really scream with it on his face!