16 Hilarious Photos That Sum Up Life With A Pregnant Wife

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Somebody has some shopping to do!

I can't help but wonder what was in there... And whether the husband is still alive!

3. The romance really doesn't die, folks.

Real relationship goals right there. But we can't really blame her, morning breath is gross!

4. The perfect example of 'baby brain':

Maybe pack your own lunch next time!

5. We need all detectives on this case: what did he do wrong?

Note to self: don't take having your own pillow for granted!

6. We totally understand this one.

The real issue here is why was there so much more strawberry than chocolate and vanilla?!

7. Hormones, hormones and more hormones...

On the bright side, his average is looking pretty good.

8. Gentlemen, take note from Ryan:

We wonder how many times this will work.

9. Jamie obviously didn't get Ryan's memo in time...


10. Christopher learnt the hard way.

11. Never leave food unattended.

This guy didn't get there quick enough.

12. You might want to get a nice warm sweater in advance.

At least the baby is nice and toasty!

13. There's always a catch.

He knew it was too good to be true.

14. There's definitely highs and lows...

The great cheese debate will go down in history.

15. Corey, you just got busted.

The back-up story could use some work, we have to admit.

16. There's whole new set of priorities.

Who doesn't relate to this one, though?


In all seriousness, pregnancy is hard, and we have to praise all the mothers out there who put up with the hormones, the swelling, the contractions, and not to mention the actual process of childbirth!

It's pretty bad-ass, and really shows us how strong women really are.

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