16 Items Of Stationery That Will Take You Right Back To Your Childhood

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2. The more professional rubber from Steadtler.

This bad boy was the one we all wanted to keep new and white but in the end it ended up black with the case ripped or lost. 

3. Board Rubber.

Remember how annoying it was to be stamped with one of these on your back. Or even worse, for the teacher to lob one at you!

4. Qunik

It just ended up all over your clothes, hands and paper. Nightmare.

5. Rulers in cases. 

Did anyone ever manage to never lose the case?

6. Helix geometry set

It was a lovely little set containing all the stuff you needed for maths class. But let me ask you this. Have you ever EVER needed a protractor since?

7. Rubbers in cases. 

I used to collect these. Some were scented and the case was just so lovely. If you actually used the rubber, it made a right mess though.

8. This paper

It was just so satisfying pulling off the perforations. But if you messed up and ripped the paper, that was SO ANNOYING.

9. The teachers sharpener. 

When we were allowed to use this bad boy it either worked amazingly or knackered your pencil lead.

10. These ends of pencils. 

Too much thinking and chewing could lead to this situation. Too much more and the rubber will pop out and crumble in your mouth.

11. These felt tips

They always used to dry up and we used to pretend to sniff them even though they were totally safe.

12. Compass

Although we covered the Helix set above, the compass is worth another mention. It was a weapon, a toy, a maths instrument all rolled into one. Since leaving school I have never used another compass since.


13. These pencils that can tie in knots. 

14. The classic Walkers pencil case. 

The clear bit always ended up scuffed up and covered in ink. But when new this was a lovely item.

15. Pencil Tin. 

We all grew very fond of our chosen tin. It usually contained our pens, pencils, bit of sharpening, pencil sharper  and old ink cartridges.

16. Hedgehog pen stand. 


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