16 Really, Really Famous Movies That Were So Close To Being Completely Different... And Terrible


Movies! Everybody loves movies! Even if you hate movies, there's at least one movie you really really love. And there's also at least one movie you pretend to love because it's a "classic" and everyone says that you should despite the fact that you kind of really don't care for it at all-

ANYWAY, it's pretty common knowledge that movies do in fact go through quite a few rough drafts during their early stages of conception. This is presumably due to the fact that those poor, exhausted creative teams constantly have to try and figure out what exactly it is that kids are "into these days"...yikes.

Because of that, there are so many ill-conceived, laughable concepts that it's absolutely wild that anything coherent ever makes it onto our screens at all.

Still not sure what I'm talking about? Well lucky for you I've collected some of the weirdest plots and characters and... general ideas that at one point studios were seriously considering for some of the most famous movies ever made.

1. Return of the Jedi

The First Jedi

Basically, in the initial script, Luke Skywalker travels to a planet made entirely of Lava in order to confront Vader... and he is joined by the one and only, Obi-wan... who at this point, is dead. That's right, Obi-Wan came back from the dead to help out, because apparently, Jedi can do that... and Yoda joins him too!

2. Birdman


3. Spiderman

a lot

The script for the first set of Spiderman movies crossed over many hands before Sam Raimi took over... and one of those pairs of hands was James Cameron's (I KNOW!). At this point, Dr. Octopus was supposedly bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker was.. meaning he would become "Professor Spider-Oc"... or whatever. Also he had a sidekick.

4. Batman 


Batman was originally meant to fight bad guys with a giant magnet. Yeah... I know.

5. Beetlejuice


Unsurprisingly... Beetlejuice was almost written as a murderer.

6. Back To The Future


7. Night of the Living Dead

Aliens, but luckily Romero decided to take some inspiration from Richarch Matherson's I Am Legend

8. Gladiator

Gladiator really do include some freakin' bizarre things. For example, Commodus deciding that the Senate is actually evil traitors so he cooks them all alive (including his sister) inside a giant brass bull (YEP)... although, part of me kinda

9. Wall-E


SPOILER ALERT: It eventually turns out that these "Gels" were actually once humans, whose bodies had just strophied after years of living in zero-gravity space. WILD.

10. The Matrix

The Matrix

11. The Truman Show

The Truman Show is already a pretty wild, slightly dark movie, but the original one was supposed to be even darker.

In the first couple of drafts, Truman was actually supposed to take a real baby and threaten to smash its head in, in front of its mother in order for the mother to admit that the whole thing is just a sham of a show. At leats he was never actually meant to go through with it.

12. Star Wars

Annikin Starkiller... 

13. Alice in Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland was at first going to be absolutely nightmarish. In fact, it was initially supposed to end of the very-near execution of Alice herself... which I'm sure the kiddies would have just loved

14. Jaws 3

"National Lampoon's"  feel to it. John Hughes was brought on and wrote the script and Joe Dante was supposed to direct it. However, when the news reached Spielberg himself, he was SO freakin' incensed by the whole idea that the studio decided to imm

15. Alien


After the script was rewritten in order to add a few subplots and tighten the dialogue blah blah blah... we were robbed of some seriously golden moments. For example, at one point the "Alien" was supposed to use a human shield against a flamethrower.

16. Planet of the Apes

his version of Planet of the Apes

Basically, Jackson wanted to create a straight sequel to the original film, and he wanted it to take place during an "Ape Renaissance" complete with a chimp Leonardo Da Vinci and some sort of ape-human hybrids... well, maybe next time eh Jackson!?

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