16 Rules Of "Modern Underwear Etiquette" You Will Only Know About If You're An Elegant Lady

16 Rules Of “Modern Underwear Etiquette” You Will Only Know About If You’re An Elegant Lady

16 Rules Of “Modern Underwear Etiquette” You Will Only Know About If You’re An Elegant Lady

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    Let’s be honest, there are many, many, many incredible things about being a woman – we are, after all, by far, the more superior of the sexes (sorry men, but it’s true). There are, however, quite a few not-so-incredible things about being a woman too. Like what!? You may be wondering. Well, I have one word for you ladies… underwear.

    Okay, so our underwear can do a spectacular job when it comes to hiding our pesky body “imperfections”… however, when worn incorrectly is can also COMPLETELY ruin your entire look, especially if you fail to choose the right size and/or style.

    So what do you need to do exactly if you want to create a totally beautiful and elegant look which will help you slay errr’day!? Well, you just have to remember all about “modern underwear etiquette”, obviously… whatever the heck that is.

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    Sheer Blouse Rules

    Okay so here’s the thing ladies, annoyingly, the sheer blouse trend seems to be back by (popular!?) demand. It’s a risky game indeed, and it’s very important that you choose a bra of the same tone as your blouse.

    In the past, a combination of a black bra and a white blouse (or if you were living for the 90s a neon pink bra and a white blouse) was fashionable but today it apparently looks awful because someone who is 100 years old and still wears real animal fur says so.

    • It’s better to wear a beige bra without any colorful patterns.
    • If your blouse is too sheer, you may replace your bra with a lace bralette.
    • Avoid wearing white underwear as this color is much “too noticeable”.

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    Bra Rules


    So apparently all stylists claim that there’s one major rule when it comes to bras: a bra should be invisible. Great! Super easy. I love being a woman.