17 Awkward Family Portraits That Were Hilariously Affected By Divorce

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Divorce; it ain't pretty. Well, not always, anyway. It can be quite amicable for some people, but let's be real for a second here, how amicable can you really be when you're literally declaring to the whole world that you no longer love the person you thought you'd spend the rest of your life with!?

It also turns your family life as you know it upside down, basically. And the longer the relationship the harder it is to find a new balance in family life. I mean, think about it; the memories, the living situations, the weekend rotations and of course.... the thousands and thousands of photographs filled with the person you now despise... congratulations!

So... how do you rectify that? Well, these people below have come up with some pretty creative ideas, and the end results are both horrifying and hilarious all at the same time.

Scroll down, and prepare yourselves!

1. Multiple Approaches

“When my father got remarried after my parents’ divorce, my mother went through the family albums and cut him out of all of the family photos. But…"

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

labor-intensive, so she switched to white-out.”

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

2. Headed For Splitsville

“My family in the last picture taken before the divorce.”

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

3. Visiting Hours

“This is a photo of my Mother, sisters, and stepfather. It was taken while my mother was in prison for fraud and after she divorced my stepfather. They had a family visitation day and made a backdrop for the inmates to take portraits with family.

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

4. Seasons Greetings, Times Two

“These two photos are from circa ’85. Though my parents had divorced several years earlier, my father came over to my mom’s house so we could take our Christmas Card pictures. One photo for Dad to send to his friends and family, and a

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

5. Max Headroom

“My parents had gotten divorced and Dad got remarried right before this was taken. Between the families, there were nine kids: my siblings, half-siblings, and step-siblings. The adults had decided to take portraits with all the different famil

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

6. Stamp Of Disapproval

“Scanning in my Grandpa’s photos of my sister’s wedding. I’d say he’s still bitter about the divorce 50 years ago.”

Photo Source: Reddit

7. A New Man

“I’m a single mom, and I’d just gotten divorced. I also coach the high school debate team. One of my debaters thought I needed a little something extra in my family Christmas picture.”

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

8. Coke Classic

“This is a photo of me and my brother in 1978. It was taken by our father the year before my parents’ divorce. My mom hates it. Even though I do not support the use of drugs I think this photo is special and definitely something you cou

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

9. Out Of The Picture

“My grandma wasn’t too happy when my dad and my step-mom got divorced. She decided the best way to handle it was to cut her out, literally. I am the one to the right feeling a little left out.”

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

10. Home For The Holidays

“These are my parents. Who are divorced. On Christmas.”

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

11. Hairapy

“When this photo was taken my parents had just divorced and my sister and I could not stand each other. I can vividly recall that it took 3 hours and half a can of Aqua Net hair spray to make my hair that big. When my mom, sister and I look at this

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

12. Custody Battle

“From 1999: a divorcing couple divides their Beanie Baby investment under the supervision of a judge.”

Photo Source: Reddit

13. Joy And Pain

"I'm the sorry looking one in this photo, along with my two younger brothers and mom. First Christmas after my parents divorced, and I probably didn’t get the legos I was hoping for. Merry Christmas!”

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

14. T-Minus Three Weeks

“We had a family photo session scheduled long in advance, but then my sister and her husband decided to get divorced. For some reason, we decided to keep the appointment. This was taken three weeks before the papers were signed.”

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

15. Summer Vacation

“I am the girl in the denim jumper looking at the camera. Check out the expression on my mother’s face. She was always very miserable, but especially on this Adirondack vacation. My father is taking the picture–hence her scowl. They di

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

16. The Vanishing Dad

“Always known for her unique brand of tact, my Nan doctored this photograph from my christening with my sister’s face on my dad’s shoulders when my parents divorced. As a child, I was fascinated by this photograph, which she displayed

Photo Source: Awkward Family Photos

Well, there you go. If you're divorced, planning to be divorced or know somebody who's going through it themselves, hopefully, this has given you some idea of how to correctly handle the aftermath. And if not... hopefully, it at least gave you a laugh!

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